My local government leaders and issues project Created by: Emily Elliott

Water was backing up on Miller Rd. with no where to go. Reports are needed to see what kind of trimming and other road work needs to be done.

Abrams schools need to redirect parking because kids are being dropped off in the same place which is causing problems. Also, Washington's football field doesn't have enough parking or bleacher space which is causing family's to want to not go there.

The fire department is not being plowed correctly even after addressing the problem. This is making it difficult to use the equipment, the fire department would rather plow by themselves.

The open house went well. The department doors need to be fixed soon, also the outlet in the garage needs a cover.

The Abrams schools needs new school utilities all throughout. They need a new heating system, renovate kitchens, upgrade electrical system, add security cameras, and replace the air conditioners.

Handling the issue: Expanding and updating the parking lot and football field bleacher is going to cost a lot of money. The town of Abrams is going to have a referendum to let the people decide if they would like to pay the extra taxes to build the new improvements. If the referendum is passed it would raise taxes to be about $24 more for the first year. By starting with $24 they hope to have lessening amounts over the next three years.

Agreeing or disagreeing: I agree with the idea of having a referendum to decide whether to update the football field bleachers and parking lot. I agree because, the referendum will allow the people of Abrams decide if they want to pay the extra money or not.

Regarding the issue: my government did not have a solution to this issue yet. If the referendum passes I would like to see them start to work on the parking lot and bleacher as soon as possible to get the community able to use the new Improvements. Also if the referendum passes I would want to make sure that the community is getting the best deal for everything. I would want to try and get the tax raise as low as possible. If the referendum would not go through I would ask the community what they feel was wrong with the first one and do as much changes as possible to meet the community's requirements and send out a second referendum. If after two referendums the community is stil not willing to pay for the new improvements through their taxes, I would raise the money privately through donations and not the public.

5877 Abrams, Wisconsin 54101 is the address of the town hall and municipality.

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