Cross-Media Graphics and the Industry Marissa Kuznar

In the Cross-Media Graphics Management major at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, students learn the depths of print, marketing, and digital technology. Categories include print production, electronic publications, packaging, web design, social media, email campaigns and much more!

How does Cross-Media Graphics Management relate to the industry?

There are a plethora of job opportunities with this major! Considering the dynamic content, there are many different areas of interest that can be pursued...

Here are a few to start off with:

  • Marketing
  • Print Production—Offset, Digital, Flexography, Large Format UV
  • Post-Press Operations
  • Web Design/Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Estimating and Management

Marketing Tactics

When it comes to content market strategies for 2017, here are how the methods rank:

  • 52% Blogs
  • 40% Social Media
  • 40% Email Newsletters
  • 38% eBooks, White Paper
  • 36% In-Person Events
  • 32% Webinars
  • 30% Video

Novak, David & Bourg Christina. (2016, November). Content Crystal Ball. The Canvas Magazine.

"You're more likely to be seen as a valuable member of the company if you know and can communicate your specific area of expertise and stick to it."

-Todd Cohen

Cohen, Todd. (2016, November). The World is Your Ocean. The Canvas Magazine.

Data-Driven World

Marketing strategies are shifting to a data-driven method, but how does it compare to other marketing techniques?

Data-Driven marketing is leading in these methods, with over 50% compared to others. Following this is personalization, content specialization, and social media management.

Latimer, Jessica. (2016, July). Driven by Data. The Canvas Magazine.

Success in the Industry

Can it be obtained? The answer... Yes. But how?

Companies build their audience from their ideas, products and services, which is a step in the right direction, but this alone does not set them apart from the competition. According to Todd Henry, author of the book Louder Than Words, it takes more than this. Companies have to be unique and willing to take the road less traveled by. The industry will not thrive without new ideas and strategies. Innovators are what make any industry move forward.

Don't keep ideas to yourself. You never know what a new concept can bring.

Henry, Todd. (2016, March). Reaching for the Sky. The Canvas Magazine.

On the Web

What consumers want online...

  • 50% Website Performance (loading and buffer times)
  • 43% Up-To-Date Content
  • 23% Consistent Mobile/Desktop Experience with Responsive Design
  • 15% Personalized Content

Boff, Linda. (2016, January). Reaching for the Sky. The Canvas Magazine.

New in the Industry

Canon U.S.A. has set a milestone, as on July 7, 2016, their PRISMAsync Color Print Server for Canon ImagePRESS color digital presses received the G7 Certified System designation from Idealliance. With this certification, the PRISMAsync Color Print Server is known as the first color print server that provides an integrated color profiler and G7 calibration method.

G7 is beneficial in matching print proofs and making set up procedure more efficient. In turn, this helps avoid remakes, decrease turn around time and reduce cost.

Potter, Mark. (2016, December). G7 Certified. The Canvas Magazine.

Refresh Your Brand

Here are steps that can be taken to improve your brand's client satisfaction and reputation:

  1. Retain your most profitable customers.
  2. Ramp up your marginally profitable customers to build customer satisfaction, value and retention.
  3. Restore your unprofitable customers to break even or better.
  4. Regain your lost customers.
  5. Reactivate your inactive customers.

Graham, Anne. (2016, May). All Ears. The Canvas Magazine.

Improving company reputation

Here is how vendor relationships are improving:

  • 52% Trust
  • 45% Personal Relationships
  • 45% Responsiveness
  • 43% Quality Improvements
  • 38% Value for the Money

Bernardi, Patrick. (2016, May). All Ears. The Canvas Magazine.

Success is more than the data

"Just because you have 5000 Facebook fans, 8000 Twitter Followers and 10,000 LinkedIn connections, doesn't mean you've made meaningful connections."

Take the time to make a good impression that will last. Quantity doesn't mean as much as quality.

Laster, Jamar. (2017, April). The Human Effect. The Canvas Magazine.

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Marissa Kuznar – Cross-Media Graphics Management – Spring 2017

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