Black Bear in the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast Braden Mcmasters and Braxton Hammontree

The bear population increases because of the amount and the supply of the things they need like for instance they eat berries and plants. Their are a lot of berries and plants, but when they hit there carrying capacity the bear population in one area starts to level out and more bears cant be in the area.

Immigration- When the bears are coming into the population and migrating to certain areas that means the bears like the resources in that certain area.

Emigration- The bears would be leaving because maybe all the berries are gone or their are to many bears are their and they have reached there carrying capacity. This will make the population sink

Black Bear Birth- Birth is a good thing in a population because that means that the population is healthy and their is plenty of resources in the population.

Black Bear Death- When a bear dies it will increase the amount of food for other bears and their could be more resources for the other bears to eat. This will make the bears population shrink.

Density Dependent Factors- Disease is a huge problem for black bears because of pollution and they live in human communities which has lots of trash. Also competition for food since there are a lot of bears in the rocky mountains and west coast.

Independent Factors- The Mountains have a lot of snow and bad weather which is a problem if they cant find warmth. Bears also live in communities with humans ans humans also hunt bears.


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