Save the Bengal Tiger! By henry madison

The Biggest Striped Cat

What is black and white striped, lives in India, and is a great hunter? A Bengal Tiger! First, let's take a look at the size of a Bengal tiger. Males weigh about 397-569 pounds and has a length of 9-10 feet long. Females weigh about 220-350 pounds and has a length of 7-9 feet long. They are the biggest in the cat family. Next, Bengal tigers have a very interesting body. The majority of these mammals are light orange with black stripes and with white bellies and limbs. There are many interesting facts about the Bengal tiger. These creatures have the perfect coloring to match their surroundings. They can also run up to 60mph. Bengal tigers have the largest teeth in all cat species. There canines can be almost 4 inches long. If you ever get lucky enough to see one in person take a little time to observe its unusual appearance

Some Bengal tigers are white!

Finding Bengal Tigers

Of course, if you ever want to have a chance of seeing a Bengal tiger, you’ll obviously need to know where they live. First, they live in the forests of India. These animals live on their own, but on rare occasions, Bengal tigers group together usually because of a large source of food or to find a mate. They normally stay in their home territory. Next you’ll need to know the climate. The temperature ranges from 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The rain inches of these tigers habitat are about 400 inches per year. Lastly, have you ever thought about when and where Bengal tigers sleep. Well it makes its home in the swamps of India. Did you know that the Bengal tigers orange body with black stripes makes a perfect camouflage to hunt animals. These creatures sleep 18-20 hours a day and sleep on rocks, grass, next to their prey or wherever they feel like they need to rest. Now that you know where bengal tigers live maybe one day you will be lucky enough f to see one in person.

The Bengal Tiger Diet

Have you ever wondered what a Bengal tiger eats? Bengal tigers are carnivores so they eat meat from other animals. These mammals favorite food is deer but also eats cattle and wild boar. You will want to know how Bengal tigers catch their prey. They coordinate attacks on larger animals like rhinoceros and elephants. Mostly they live and hunt alone. Now you know what Bengal tigers eat, but you don't know what hunts them. Humans are the only predator these tigers have because they illegally kill them for skins and parts of the body. I hope now you know what Bengal tigers eat and what hunts them.

Why Bengal Tigers Are Endangered

Can you believe that there are only 3,000 Bengal tigers left in the world? First of all, people are illegally hunting these great creachers. Poachers are killing Bengal tigers for lims and fur. Secondly Bengal tigers are dying from habitat loss. People are cutting down trees for farming homes. It forces these mammals into smaller territories. Lastly, bengal tigers are disappearing because of prey loss. Humans are hunting the prey of a Bengal tiger because the prey does not have a place to hide because of tree loss. As you can see, there are many reasons why these amazing animals are dying.

Help save the Bengal tigers!

Have you ever wondered what we can do to help save the Bengal tiger? First, you can donate to the Worldwide fund. They can double the Bengal tiger number by 2022 if you donate. Next, you can help by protecting the Bengal tigers habitat. You can protect their habitat by helping stop people who destroy their habitats. You can also try to make a place where no one can cut down trees. Lastly you can promote tiger friendly policies. You can do that by asking the president to help the tiger friendly policies. Clearly, we can do a lot to help save the Bengal tiger if we try.

Bengal tigers have big teeth


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