Greyson Davis Sr. Manager / WW Workstation Industry Marketing

I believe I can bring real value to the Corporate Marketing team as a WW Brand Director. Here are the 3 main reasons why....

Corporate Marketing and BU Marketing Experience

The Product Business Units, GEOs, and Corporate Marketing are all partners in growing the Lenovo business and elevating the brand.

But gaining alignment is extremely difficult. To do this, all three organizations need to understand each other, operationally. They need to understand each others challenges and be ready and willing to find creative solutions.

I've been successful in doing this, thanks to my experience leading the Workstation Industry Marketing team, as well as time spent on the Brand Management team.

Workstations are highly technical, and difficult to sell. HP and Dell have seasoned workstation specific sellers. How can we enable the GEO sales force of generalists to compete against specialists?

We developed a microsite ( and mobile app ( which provided 3D product tours, as well as configuration guidance.

So instead of having to memorize all of the ISV applications per vertical segment, and the components needed to run those applications. All a sales person has to do....

is learn how to navigate an app/website

The mobile app garnered the Marketing Pioneering Award (Thank you!)

We figured out how to talk about the product...but what about leveraging the brand and Lenovo's value proposition to grow awareness of our workstation business, while also providing GEOs with compelling content. Content that helps their sales people understand how workstations are used, and provides the GEO marketing teams with stories needed to fuel their demand generation campaigns.

And ThinkRevolution was born!

We partnered with 13 Revolutionists, a collection of individuals/organizations truly changing the face of their industries. They also embody Lenovo's value proposition,

Different is Better

By the way, the device shown here was created by Design that Matters. It is called Firefly, it provides the blue light needed to cure jaundice. Previous devises were too heavy to transport to many communities in third world countries, and were complicated to operate.

Firefly solves both those problems.

Designed on ThinkStation workstations, Firefly has treated over 50K infants....pretty cool.

Leveraging my strenghts

According to Strength Finder 2.0 aptitude tests, here are my top 5 strengths

1) Maximizer - I like to take things that are good and make them great.

The Lenovo brand doesn't need to be built, but rather taken to new heights. I think I can help.

2) Strategic - I'm able to spot relevant patterns and issues.

I believe I can provide strategic insights necessary to be a trusted counsel.

OK, I don't want to waste your time, so my other strengths are....

3) Ideation

4) Futuristic

5) Arranger

So basically, I'm able to think creatively, with the future in mind. But I'm also able to take ideas and create the processes needed to maximize efficiency.

This is where I get a bit personal. I have a very real connection with Lenovo and the brand.

I feel I embody Lenovo's "comeback".

In 2009, as a member of the Brand Management team, despite good performance, I was a part of the massive lay-offs.

I was devastated.

And yet, two years later, when there was an opportunity to return to Lenovo, I jumped at it.


I still believed in the potential of Lenovo

I was still in love in what Lenovo represents

The true merger of East and West

Everyday, we accomplish what politicians can not

We work together to improve the lives of our customers...wherever they are located.

We celebrate together

And we work hard

It is what attracted me to Lenovo while I was getting my MBA at UNC, and even though I had been burned, the potential and the promise of Lenovo was still there.

I never liked how much we resisted "red" or anything else that could be perceived as Chinese in the early stages of building the brand.

We were a global brand, unlike any other....

And China was a big part of that

So I'm thrilled to see us embrace our culture

I'm not just an employee, I'm a fan

But rest assured, I have my own ideas, and intend on sharing them

So that's it, the 3 reasons I feel I'm a good fit for the position

I hope you'll excuse my boldness, but I felt this opportunity required more than a standard cover letter.

Thank you for your time and consideration


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