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The structure was built in the 490s and dedicated in 498 by dictator Titus Tatus.

Titus Tatus

There is no information regarding the builder because often the builder was not recognized for their role (similar to Haterius' struggle for recognition) but we do know that the construction was ordered by Titus Tatus.

The Roman god Saturn

It was a temple to the god Saturn and also served as a temporary state treasury.


The Saturnalia Festival which was held at the temple for several days starting December 17 where all people exchanged gifts to each other.

It was not used for another purpose other than its original. However, now that it has fallen into disrepair it is a popular tourist attraction in Rome that allows people from all around the world to enjoy Roman architecture and see back into the past of one of the greatest civilizations and empires to ever exist.

Tourist at the Temple of Saturn taking a selfie (very characteristic of tourists)

It was restored in 42 BC and also in the 4th century AD (360-370 CE) by the Roman Senate and people. The remaining columns are from the 4th century.

The inscription reads: The Senate and the People of Rome, restored following destruction by fire
ACTIVE : In templum de Saturn , gubernaculum aes condiderunt. PASSIVE : In templum de Saturn, aes condita sunt ab gubernaculis.







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