Swing Easy Jack Spyke

I didn't actually come up with the idea of this business, My friend Josh came up with the idea I just came up with a good name and made the website site and the business cards.

If it wasn't for Mr. Hames i wouldn't have even started a business so he drove me to start and i've driven myself since.

I live with my mom, dad , sister and three dogs. Our family is always busy and on the move. My parents have shaped me into a humbled person.
During school if I have it I can't wait to get to Pe and at home i'm always doing something athletically and in the summer usually golf. This connects to my product because it's a golf product.
I am hopeful the market will be middle age men or younger men or women that want to play golf all day but can not because this machine will allow them to hit golf balls every day.
My business is different from everyones else because you can hit mine inside, no other machine you can hit inside without spending thousands of dollars on. We will have a dependable product that will not break and is very reliable this will grow our brand as a good reliable product that people can invest their money in.
Our mission is to make a reliable product that helps people improve their golf swing. We always want them to be happy with their product and if they are not make the product suitable for them.
My business is different from everybody else because you can hit with it inside and it won't break the bank. This enables people to hit a golf ball if they have ten minutes in their day, if its raining outside or if they can't make it to the golf course.
Since the products we use are not that expensive our product will be $20 for each swing Easy. There will be options to have a lesser price if you buy more products such as 2 for $35. The shipping is however much it cost to send the product to you.
I'm going to give back to the people that helped me. I’m going to give 2% of my sales (as of now) to to each school that I have attended and one percent to the ALS foundation.


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