Tremendous' Weekly Content Review 02-07 -- 02-13

New Week! New Content! This has been yet another great week for great content! It requires little introduction on my part so lets get straight to it! EXCITING!


Leading us off this week is none other than SkaveninAZ. The Vermin Lord himself teams up with the Lord Dan in a great Live Streamed Video where they discuss all things Vermin Swarm. Really fun to watch!

Blonde Beer of The Orange Road is up next with a truck load of new content! He brings us a video showing some great tournament coverage, A video clarifying spacing rules, A video asking for the community to help come up with ideas for the magic phase, a response for the Topic of the Week, a how to make the skink / Krox unit work, and then he apologizes for not putting out enough content in his Personal Life Ramblings Video. This man is one of the greatest gifts T9A has received. Love his stuff!

Mittierim is up next with great new battle reports that further the narrative of his ongoing gaming saga! Episodes 6 &7 are up and man are they some great games! Plus, I love to see how the story is unfolding!

Genephelps (Wargaming from the Balcony) brings us massive content this week as well! The first couple reports have the Orcs and Gobbos beating on the Ogre Khans. Then the Greenskins go after some elves, (DEATH TO THE KNIFE EARS!). And then the guys sit down and do a great review of the Dread Elf Army book. Really love their content!


The Godfather is up next with 2 great videos this week! In the first one he delievers a high energy Battle Report with the Beast Herds taking on the High Born Elves. Then he drops some serious knowledge on the community with a video explaining how to make your gaming group LEGENDARY! If anyone knows how to be a legend, its this man.

Extol (Mr. Axhol) is kicking butt this week and brings us some videos to prove it! Game 1, 2, and 3 of the Norwegian Championship are up and I must say, they're great games! Watch 'em in order, its very cool to watch this man play!

Next up, Kapten Kluns wrote an article that I must say was very enlightening. In it he explains the tools needed in order to do some sculpting to create models, and improve those you already have. A lot of really intelligent insight in this. Its worth your time to read!

H R (TSC / Ant / Founding Father) brings us a Undying Dynasties battle report where he takes on the warriors of the dark gods. Its a really fun Battle Report and shows a lot of cool tricks both the UD and the WotDGs can do!

I'm up next with the 3rd installment of the T9A "Square Table" talks! In it, Dwarven T and Green Dragon Gaming join me and we discuss the differences between Tournament and Casual Players.

Last, but far from least, is Petterwass! This week he brings us an amazing Article on the Knight Forlon - Norba Miniatures Line of models. There are no words, the pictures speak for themselves. Absolutely great article! Check it out!

That's going to do it for this week's Content Review! Tune in next week to see all the crazy cool new content that's produced! I promise you it's going to be amazing! THANKS!

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