Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Marco Guarente

Nature on Display

Jaws of the sharks called my attention the for the way the design of the exhibit are placed next to each other making it clear to see the differences the sizes. I learn the different of sizes of the sharks we have now and the huge shark's earth used to have. Some different animal exhibit make my experience every satisfied on the museum.

Nature and Ethics

Walking through the museum I do feel that I was provided the opportunity to experience nature the way that Leopold describes because I witnessed the beauty of the butterflies and understood the way they function. I felt eager to learn more about the exhibits that took over the walls. I sensed happiness as I walked through the halls learning about the butterflies and the different insects as well as many other things that I found intriguing. People around me were impressed with the amount of objects and exhibits that the University had to offer, adding the my feeling of happiness, this made me feel proud to be a part of this school. After going to the museum and realizing everything we can do to help the world, I believe that we have to make a change and value everything nature has to offer. That being said, I do believe that Leopold’s way of thinking inspired me to take better care of nature and to make sure that others do the same.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I choose The Calusa Afterlife and actually all the entire of Native Americas because it steps you out of the ordinary. The way they used to live is so different from the way we life now that got my attention really fast. It helps me understand who I am on the way to see how humanity have a chance. Also, choose the Calusa Afterlife because a found very interest how the thought about afterlife and how the chance with smaller spices until the disappear complete of the world.

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