Gonzo Journalism Denisse marquez & jasmine st. aubyn

Hunter S. Thompson

He began working on journalism after high school while he was serving in the US Air Force. After traveling around the country, he developed his own personal style of writing called "Gonzo journalism". He was born in Louisville Kentucky on July 18, 1937.


After getting out of the Air Force he spent time traveling around the country and working for different magazines and newspapers. He worked in Puerto Rico for a sports magazine. In the mean time he worked on a autobiographical called "The Rum Diary". Due to his ways he would be frequently let go. He infiltrated the gang Hell's Angels for a year to write a story and at the end of his time with them, they nearly killed him. The story he wrote about them became a hit and really established him as a "journalistic force". This is what created Gonzo Journalism.

Hells Angels


Zootopia Script (Cause that's the only movie we could think of)

Characters: Judy Hopps, Nick Wild

Judy: It was my first day of being part of the force when I Noticed a Fox with his son in a Elephant costume. It was quiet with all listening to the argument. A Ice cream was denied to them due to them not being Elephants. I as well listened to the argument before interfering.

Nick: "My little fella just want to fill his dream of being a elephant, here do a little Toot Toot"

Child: "Toot Toot!"

Judy: Awe

Elephant clerk: "Look fella I just simply cant give it to you, One yopur not an elephant, two you dont have the money!

Judy: Before they walked out thats When I came In "here ill get it for ya." i got them the Popsicle and as the father thanked me and I Asked for a little "TOOT TOOT" I noticed the son had a stripe along the ears. This only occurred on full grown Fenic Fox's. I walked away into my car and followed them a few hundred feet away. When the trail stopped in a alley way I knew something was up.

Judy: I got out of my car and walked casually down the side walk till i reached the alley way. The two where out of costume in raggedy cloths, melting the large Popsicle. After the melt I followed them to the tundra biom in the city where they froze them again in the snow, using the little fox's foot prints as molds. when they where done with the loading I ran out with my Baton in hand cause I was only a Meter Maid. They both put up their paws and tried to run. the little one got away but the fake father. I took a few beatings to his legs to keep him running. I used zip ties to tie him up and put him in the back of my car.

What a eventful first day.

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