Gandhi Struggle for independence

I was born October 2, 1869 in western India. I went to law school in London. Then I went to South Africa to help Indians for their civil rights.
I say we must use civil disobedience against the British. Which is to refuse to obey unjust laws. Also force the British by using passive resistance. We must be willing to give a blow not give one.

The British forced Indians to carry pass cards.

I deiced to burn the pass to protest the British

I went back to my home country India because my job in South Africa was done. I joined the Indian National Congress to end the British rule in India.

Boycott British cloth and spin your own. JOIN THE HOMESPUN MOVEMENT.

Join the salt march to show the world how the British it treating us. It will be 240 mile march it may be long but it is to protest.


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