Troey wildfire

wild fire are cast my light that hit a tree and burn it can be cast by human carelessness like if you burn something in can spreeing even where and start a big fire . dorghts if a plan get to dry find it get to hot it can start a fire.

A fact is that most wild fire can burn down house and forest

A place that had the most devastating was South Dakota how it happen because of light it burn lot of city 2 hospital it happen in August 11,2011

the devastating of a wildfire is that people lose there home and lot of outer thing people have to leaves city people can lose all of family and friends that is my wildfire are bad.

Created By
troey shamley


Created with images by Ervins Strauhmanis - "Forest fire" • Chips Fire - "Torching in small group of trees" • AbelEscobar - "ray beach sky" • ellesmelle - "crying injun"

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