Wind / Air Mishka, siddhi, ridhan

Why do we need wind?

There are many uses for wind it is air to fly kites. To have breeze. To dry lclothes. We need it to breathe and also to generate electricity.

How can we prevent air-pollution?

  • Carpool
  • Walk if you are close to the place
  • Public transportation
  • Cycling

Why should we keep the air clean?

  • Because animals die
  • People get sick
  • Harms young / old people

What is wind power?

  • It is the strongest of the wind
  • Is the use of the wind

How does using wind power help Earth ' s resources ?

  • Helps you generate electricity
  • Helps you get O2

Let ' s tell you some interesting facts about wind and air .

Did you know that air pollution harms children more than adults .

The world is waking up to the bad effects of fossil fuels like coal , petrolium and natural gas . No wonder then that renewable sources of energy like wind are becoming popular .

Did you know that windmills have a good side and a bad side . The good side is it helps you generate electricity and the bad side is that it is inguring birds .

6 ways you can reduce air pollution in India

  1. Regular maintenance of equipments and vehicles that we use
  2. Planting trees and making our envioronment more stronger
  3. Creating awareness on air pollution problems and ways to handle it
  4. Building roads, rails, and water infrastructure for fast and traffic free transportation
  5. Finding ways to reduce the use of those chemicals that affect the environment
  6. Helping industry with those technologies which could reduce the origination of smoke
India is very polluted.

Ways to prevent air pollution

  • Do not burst too many fireworks
  • Plant more trees
  • Service your vehicle more often


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