Neptune and Pluto By: Patrick and Brad

10 Facts About Pluto

  • Pluto’s name comes from a Greek god of the underworld
  • Pluto has five moons because it's at the edge of the Kuiper belt
  • Pluto has an atmosphere
  • Pluto is surprisingly one third under water
  • Pluto has been seen by a spacecraft with no people on it named New Horizons
  • Pluto’s real name is “134340 Pluto’’
  • Since Pluto is really far away from the sun it takes 5.3 hours for the sunlight to hit to Pluto
  • The heart shape on Pluto is made of frost
  • Pluto’s orbit crosses Neptune's orbit
  • Pluto is the largest planet dwarf planet in our solar system

Pluto's statistics

  • Temperature.400 degrees fahrenhiet
  • Diameter.2,374 km
  • Mass.1.30900 × 1022 kilograms

10 Facts About Neptune

  • Neptune takes 165 earth years to orbit the sun
  • Neptune is the smallest of the ice giant
  • There was only one spacecraft to ever travel to Neptune it is the Voyager 2
  • Neptune's great dark spot is actually a storm that spins at 1,500 miles per hour
  • Neptune has the fastest wind recorded in our solar system
  • Neptune has a thin collection of rings and they are hard to see
  • Neptune on average is -201 degrees celsius
  • Neptune is a large planet compared to earth but if you weighed 100 pounds on earth you would only weigh 110 pounds on neptune
  • Neptune's moon Triton spews nitrogen ice from below its surface
  • Neptune has 14 moons

Neptune's statistics

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