The Z axis By: Zane Knight (dARK LIGHTNING)

You may be asking, "Yo, my main man Zane, what on gods holy earth is a Z-axis, you make your own axis" Not today i didn't. But let Papa ZWHK teach y'all children about the man who did.
Y'all see this dollar store brand Shakespeare, René Descartes was the one who had the audacity to mess around with logic in France and make a 3rd dimension (the Z-axis). He did all this junk in the 1500's but nobody wanted to deal with that jazz till the 1600's Cause you know how it be down in France
He thought he was all cool coming up with this but as soon as he finally stepped up no one gave 2 bones in a bag. That was until Hitler started going crazy up in Germany in WW2. Then everybody cared. Some snakes.
I know y'all picking at the crappy stock photos but that's beside the point. It's time to figure out what this new dimension is exactly.
So, Y'all know the Y and X axis are. Up, Down, Left, Right. Now but stay with me the Z-axis is Forward and Backwards ............................ :0 Calm down its gonna be alright.
Here comes the question we all have....
Some people just are not satisfied with the mediocre virtues of life and want more to do. But supposedly he made the Z-axis to explain another dimension people always wondered about. But i stay woke and i know why.
Let's get this straight people were wondering why does everything i write and draw on paper not look the same in person, Then René Descartes said hol on my dudes evrything gonna be all good. Then he went back to the lab and came out to his waiting people and said. We got the Y&X right then he draws a skewed line adding depth to the drawing and everybody said NAHHHHHH B
Why was this man feel the need to make our like to make our lives 10x harder. well ill tell you why, because back ten they were tired of the basic 2 dimension so he say aww yeah boi i got a 3rd one now and now we got the 3rd dimension.


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