How to Convert AOL PFC Files in Easy Steps Convert AOL PFC Files to Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, Windows Live Mail

Why to Convert AOL PFC Files ?

If some specific corporate company wants to switch from the AOL Desktop to Outlook application, then their employees would need access to their old AOL mails in this MS Outlook email client, and this requires the users for converting their AOL mails into MBOX and then to PST. Users prefer this conversion owing to the superior feature-set that MS Outlook email client provides like it is fully-integrated with multiple in-built applications of MS Office which is not the case with AOL Desktop and it also gives option for secure enterprise-email-client along with cross-programs functionalities.


The PFC is the Personal Filing Cabinet on your AOL’s Desktop Software, which is basically a system for filing that provides help in storing and organizing users’ mail on their computers’ hard disk drives so that they are able to read their mail messages even when they are in the offline mode. The feature palette includes the ability for creating custom folders in PFC for easily identifying mail and presence of a search bar for helping users find their stored mails when they can’t recall the emails’ subjects or who have sent those. In the folder for Organize, each and every username has own PFC files. One can view this PFC only from the AOL Desktop Software. Moreover, user can’t access the PFC folder if he/she signs in as the guest user from some other machine or may be on his own system. If a user is using the AOL Desktop, he/she can easily store the mail messages on these AOL servers; where, uncountable mails along with their attachments can be stored, without any worry of email data loss as those mails are safely stored on these AOL servers, and not on the hard disk drive of user’s computer. Users can access the mails even when they get signed in from other machines or signed in as guests from their own machine. Users can even access the mails if they are making use of the AOL Mail.

Crucial Point

How many days a mail can stay in user’s mailbox? This solely depends on mailbox type that the user has been using and the folder where that mail is stored. The mails that get stored on the machine of the user can be located on the folder - ‘Saved-on-My-PC.’

Important to Note

User can’t sort the mail folders that had been located on ‘Saved-on-My-PC’ folder in any specific order. If the user wishes to organize these mail folders, then he has to create folders under the ‘Saved-on-AOL,” for accessing his mails via AOL Mail.

Intro in Brief

This AOL Desktop email application usually stored the mails in a particular storage proprietary file PFC, which is shortened for Personal Cabinet File. In Outlook email client, one can’t open this AOL PFC file, as MS Outlook email application is not supporting this particular format. For making these AOL emails fully accessible in Outlook email client, one need converting of the AOL mails to PST that gets supported by Outlook emailing tool. AOL emails can be converted into PST thus making these AOL mails accessible in Outlook email client.

Method to Convert AOL PFC Files to PST

Let us consider the manual way for accessing these AOL mails in Outlook email client for transferring only a few emails from the AOL Desktop software to Outlook email client, 1 of the solutions that could be done is to directly send desired mails from that active AOL account to Outlook program’s account’s address. AOL mails would then become accessible when MS Outlook’s email account will receive those AOL mails. But, this manual way is actually not that much of feasible and reliable in case of numerous AOL mails and this is the reason why one must rely on some efficient 3rd party tool. Such expert tools easily help in downloading all of the AOL mails from AOL’s Server and converts them into PST; thus making them accessible in Outlook email program. Such tools can also be utilized for saving these AOL mails in system’s hard disk drive for any future need and usage. The software even gives option for converting selective AOL mails to PST wherein it specifies date range. One can clear AOL Server’s space after downloading emails from the server with the help of the option - ‘Delete-Email-after-backup.’

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