Blood binds, trust tethers A deeper look into what makes kin and friend: BY Paige Rodriguez

Artwork by Caitie Steinke


My dearest friend, I watched you wander from moment to moment

I saw you stand in the mirror

And pray to disappear

I watched you run from every heartache you’ve ever had

I saw you gardening the flowers of your own hatred deep inside your mind

I watched as you consumed every drop of water to replace the ones lost to your ocean of tears

I saw you run, run, run, far away from all of your fears

But my friend, I never saw you stay

In a vision, many years from now

That you do not know today

You will stay

The roses of love will overflow your heart

Your sunny smile will shine bright enough to evaporate any ocean

And I will yell, “linger on!”

I see the way you beam with pride, eyes glisten at your reflection

And I will shout, “linger on!”

Linger on, my friend

Because your heart has stopped crying

Linger on, my friend

Because this is only the beginning

Linger on, my friend

Because your life isn’t worth quitting

Artwork by Caitie Steinke


My mother was born with red hair

Some are convinced that’s because she’s the spawn of satan

So was she

But I know my mother was born with red hair

Because of the fire of love, ablaze in her soul

My mother was born not knowing what it meant to love herself

She spent the first 35 years of her life trying to find someone wise enough to teach it

But instead she learned she had to find her own definition

I was born knowing my mother gave me all of her love but left none for herself

I turned 10 knowing my mother had been mentally recovering for 1 month, 2 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes, and 46 seconds

Without me

My mother was born with red hair

Not because she’s the spawn of satan

Because that fire in her soul

Is big enough for me

And herself

Artwork by Caitie Steinke


Behind the glass

A man lurks

To any other he was an average looking man


Midnight hair

And gray river eyes

To me, he was the tallest man alive

His voice always steeper

His accusations, always out of reach

Behind the glass

He looks haggard

And weak

A way he’d never look at himself

A way he refused to look at himself

His midnight hair was decorated with silver comets

His gray river eyes rumbling through the rapids

He dared not look me in the eyes

He didn’t have to

He didn’t want to

Although I see him through the glass

In front of him

Is only a mirror

Artwork by Caitie Steinke


Sometimes an apology

Isn’t for some ugly words said

Sometimes an apology

Is for the words we leave unspoken

For words I should have used

To protect you

The words always creep to and onto cupid’s bow

But never leave

And tend to sleep

Whenever I’m trying my hardest to defend you

I’m a coward, I’ll admit

But I never meant to hurt you

It’s not too late, I know

But 5 years is late enough

You’ll tell me it’s not my fault

But it’s my fault until I learn my voice matters too

Until I learn how to use

The words sleeping on cupid’s bow

Created By
Paige Rodriguez

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