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As an artist, producer, and teacher, I'm deeply passionate about mentoring the next generation of musical world-changers! This is not only something that I'm already doing on a daily basis - it is WHO I AM.

My origins: Budapest, Hungary

My Background

Hey there!

My name is Krisz Simonfalvi and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself, so that we're not complete strangers.

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, in the heart of Europe. I started playing classical guitar at age 6. I quickly became really good at it, but didn't enjoy it, because my guitar teacher never taught me how to understand the instrument. My creativity was never engaged - I just played the pieces...

After 6 years, I quit and got into sports, but eventually circled back to the electric guitar in my late teens. Some of my fundamental technique came back to me from my classical training, but to my surprise, my music theory teacher's voice rang in my ear louder than anything else. She was a world-renown expert of the Kodály Method, which is a down-to-earth, practical approach to music theory. I was in awe of how easy it was to understand the guitar when you're not trying to complicate things...

I've been touring with bands, recording in studios, and producing music since my late teens, but the more that I needed to learn to become a diverse musician, the more I realized that everything always circles back to that simplest, most practical method.

Teaching Guitar

Most people learn to play the guitar one of two ways: Either through the "campfire method'" or through piano-based music theory. One is really fun, but eventually leads to frustration due to a lack of understanding. The other is the "correct" way to learn music, but is extremely impractical for the guitar, thus also frustrating for most.

I started teaching guitar in 2009, in order to share my unique approach with others, and I've had the privilege to mentor hundreds of students in both North America and Europe, ages 4 to 74. I've taught anyone from casual hobbyists to professional touring musicians and even other guitar teachers. I've also had the honor to teach multiple students who ended up winning national competitions, both on acoustic and electric. The resounding opinion of my students tends to be: "Why doesn't anyone else teach the guitar like this? The instrument finally makes sense to me!"

In 2016 I was asked to teach guitar and coach bands at Visible Music College. Since then, my role has grown to being the Director of the Dallas Campus, the Global Guitar Division Head, and the Global Bands Manager. I strive to bring this same no-nonsense approach to the Collegiate environment, so that my students would graduate with hands-on, real-world musical experience. Visible has proven to be the perfect partner in this.

The reason I teach is to invest into others. As you commit to any discipline, but especially the discipline of music, you embark on a soul-searching, character-building pilgrimage. It's an honor to help others on this journey.

So, whatever your goal may be with the guitar, I'm confident that I can help you accomplish it. You will have fun in the process, but you'll also gain understanding and be able to use your creativity. I can't wait to get started with you, and help you write your own personal success story!

I launched One Less Rock - Music Studio, the parent company of Guitar 360 Method, in 2009. We're based out of Dallas, TX.

One Less Rock - Music Studio

Luke 19:40
  • Over 200 private students taught to date (from beginners to touring professionals)
  • Instruction in guitar, bass, music theory, songwriting, stage performance, music production, arranging, and engineering
  • 20+ recording projects produced for a wide range of international artists on 4 continents
  • Launched the online video course series, Guitar 360 Method in 2017

My teaching philosophy, as summed up by my students:

"As an accomplished pianist who wanted to venture into guitar, I originally had concerns about the level of frustration I would feel learning a new instrument. Not only has the experience been fun and exciting, but my pace of learning has exceeded my expectations. Whether a beginner or an advanced musician, I would highly recommend Guitar 360 Method, because I can personally attest to the quality of instruction and the commitment to help you achieve your goals."

-- Entaune

"Krisz is not only a master guitar player, he's also a master guitar teacher. He has a deep understanding of music theory, along with a knack for finding common flaws in guitar technique, and correcting them in a no-nonsense manner. This makes him the perfect teacher for any skill level. I highly recommend the Guitar 360 Method!"

-- TJ

"Guitar lessons with Krisz were a key component to my development as a musician! His approach to training in music theory and guitar technique is laid-back while methodological, and topical while comprehensive. Each week is a new challenge, where you are motivated with new concepts that help you grow in knowledge and skill sets."

-- Hannah


  • Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Superstar competition: 1st Runner Up (2009)
  • Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory competition: 1st Runner Up in the Rock category (2011)
  • Queen Extravaganza - open guitar audition: Top 10 Finalist (2011)

A few examples of my playing:

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