3D modeling Work Day Post #4

This page will serve as a comprehensive list of all details concerning 3D models of MIRA for FEATURE LOCK! This list may include, but is not limited to:

Day 4 - 9/27/2018 - Chest, Shoulders, Legs!

Today was a big day for MIRA's model! A bunch of subtle changes were made to existing pieces, as well as a few big new ones!

today was the day I really started to block out different portions of her body for modelling. I'll be continuing to work on her a little after this piece is done too, so expect more to come!

One of the biggest pieces today (literally) was her chestpiece! It started off as just a simple square (most of these pieces aside from the ball joints do) and I wanted to try and give her as much humanity as possible without crossing over into human territory, if that makes sense, so I tried to give the chestpiece the overall shape of a human chest while still being simplified. (meaning a bulge in the middle that gradually tapers to the bottom and top, and just general angles)

The chest-plate has a multi-tiered design, featuring a black inner portion (probably carbon fiber) with white, semi-metallic shells extruding from it for the piston mounts, shoulder pads and the rest of the chest-plate and neck-mount. I've also added some black metallic stripes to the model design, to give it a more industrial look.

Look at those stripes!
Now with legs!

the other major part of the work today was on the lower legs. They have one of the most complicated designs, with a joint piece, multi-tiered materials and pads, as well as joints and roller joints at the bottom! these took the longest to fine tune, as I wanted them to still look robotic and squarish while also looking sort of human (having the top of the leg jut out a little like ours do) and in the end I really like how they turned out!

End of Day 4 - 9/27/2018

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