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Here you'll find some of my favorite resources that you'll need to start your business, or run it from whatever stage you're in! If you're new to business or considering what you'll need to get started...this resource list is going to show you what you'll need and explain why you'll need them to get up and running the most effectively!
01: Introduction + Setup

It's important to think about the brand direction from the beginning.

The "vibe" you want your brand to represent. That's evident through your graphics, logo, colors, and the "voice" of your business. Keep in mind, this is how you're going to bring in the people that most relate to your business, help you stay authentic to yourself, and then position yourself amongst any other businesses in your market long-term.

We always want to think - long-term, because this is what you are passionate about, right?

Website vs. Blog

When you're just getting started, you can choose to begin with a website or a free blog site. Blogging is a great way to incorporate video, text, and sales offers in one place. It's also a cheaper alternative when you're just launching or still in the building stages of making money.

One option for hosting your blog for free is the very first site that I started blogging on YEARS ago...like we're talking early 2k's...#dontjudgeme

The Blogger website is great because you can actually make money right away using the platform by using integrated Google Ads within your site. Try them out below!

02: Images + Graphics

Next, you'll need a place to make all of the incredible graphics you'll want to use to bring in + attract the right people to your brand!

So many seasoned business professionals struggle with this and it shows!!! Take the time to get great graphics - whether you are designing them, or you need a helping hand! Since you're in the startup phase, Canva is a great intro option. When you're ready for something more advanced, you can contact our team over @AgencyInTheCity for help making your lasting mark with a complete branding package!

Canva can be used to create PDF's, books + ebooks, magazines, posts for social media including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, FB + Insta stories, covers for social media, + so much more!
03: Lead Generation

Simply put...how are you gonna get people into your business??? So, think about when you visit a site + they have something for free that you download in exchange for your email.

You'll need this to "collect, or generate leads". That is, people who show an interest in what you offer.

Convertkit is one of my favorite platforms because it tells you so much about your audience/ community. If you are going to sell tons of products - whatever they are, then you'll need a "hub" of your business. A single place that you can really tell what's going on in the business. So you can see who's opening what emails, what the person is clicking on (interested in) versus what they are not clicking on (no interest). You can't do that with just an Instagram page or website like you can with an email platform. This tells you so many other factors about your business. Convertkit is a platform I've used for over 2 years to help me initially build the PGC.

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04: Mailchimp

While it doesn't offer all the perks of Convertkit, mail chimp is a good starting place for newbies to business. Eventually you'll want to upgrade to something that gives you more tools to work with, but you can definitely use it to get started.

You'll need a payment processor. My guys use Paypal with no problems, even though they are just 14 + 17. Of course, if you don't have a bank account yet, you'll need a parent's help to get access to your funds. So, talk to a parent or guardian about help with opening an account. And you can use Paypal or Stripe to get set up very quickly (within minutes) as long as you've got a bank account!


This is for those who are ready to make serious money, or have made some money already. Smart is an advanced tool - it's on the higher price point for start-ups - but worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! It's the one tool I would never go without, no matter how much it cost me. That's because for the last 2.5 years, I have experienced how much it is a benefit to my business.

What's great about Samcart is that you can potentially make more sales, with every single sale. So if someone purchases a product from you, you can create what's known as an "upsell". Then, if (when) they click buy, you can offer more products at a time for sale, creating a series of offers, that help you make more money for every product sold. Simply put; it's kind of amazing!!


Planoly lets you create a visual feed for Instagram, before you post to Instagram. It's free to use, although they do have some paid options. I use this for every one of my Instagram pages as well as our clients @AgencyInTheCity

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07: More Graphics + Video Creation

One APP I've used over the past several years is RIPL. They're free + you can of course upgrade to use more features. But start with the free resources + use them to build your quick Insta story videos + IGTV content. Add your own music, too!

Adobe Spark is a free/ paid resource that you can use. In fact, I used it to make THIS product that you're viewing right now! You can make graphics for your feed, stories, Insta stories...and even to SELL products on a page just like this!

I teach the girls in my private communities exactly how to use a free product just like this one to appeal to their target audience and sell FOR FREE, until they can earn the money to start a website. It's awesome because once you design the page properly, you can use it as the link in your Instagram bio to sell sell sell!!!

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