Community Hoarding Projects with Art4Space

Who are we and why us?

Art4Space is a small not-for-profit community arts organisation, specialising in community and public art. We have been working in and around London for over 20 years, helping support and bond communities through the arts.

We've been working to develop a way to continue inspiring and nourishing Creativity and Wellbeing, during this crisis. We have adapted our project approach to meet social distancing guidelines and create safe environments where inclusive and healing community projects can take place.

Project: To work with you and the local community to produce artwork that transform your hoardings.

Our project focuses on creating a stunning street art gallery that will lift and revitalise both the space and the participants. The community will be involved at the initial stage of the project by sharing stories, drawings and artwork. The main artwork will be created off site by our trained artists, following social distancing guidelines at all stages of the project

Collaborating artworks

We can communicate with local schools or community groups close to the construction project. We work with them around a chosen theme and aim to capture the community voice. We give people the opportunity to express their feelings and creativity by inviting participants to share their ideas on an A4 piece of paper. It can be a doodle, a poem, a therapeutic painting, whatever helps them capture the theme.

Themes can be the aspirational and around the new development, we can turn these ideas into vibrant murals. Example theme: Bright Futures

We will then collect and curate the pieces for the street gallery. Finally we replicate the artworks off site at our studio in stockwell.

We have developed a style that is bold and vibrant yet also keeps the authenticity of the original artwork.

On the wall

Our aim is to create high quality artwork that will enhance the local environment, civic pride and raise awareness about a certain project development. By using the hoardings as a creative space we disguise the construction work and minimise the chance of graffiti. The artwork will be painted with high quality exterior mural paints onto wood. The murals are easy to install and move when necessary. Once the construction work has completed and hoardings brought down, there is an option to keep and relocate the artworks to the premises of the groups involved.

"Through your window" Streatham blue hoarding project
A replica of a pupils artwork displayed on the Streatham hoarding.
Brixton town hall gallery
Detail at Brighton Hoarding - artwork showcasing local interests.


For a full stretch of hoardings, budget would range between £5 - £25K depending on size and design.

Artists Louise and Jewels installing artwork.

Thank you for your time and please contact us if you have any queries!

Create. Connect. Inspire.

Contact us by email: jewels@art4space.co.uk