Gabriela Regalado 4th Grade dual immersion

Love to learn
The question is, why do I teach? The answer as soon as I saw this question was, because I want to instill in children the love of learning. I consider my self to be a life long learner and I am passionate about learning new things. I want to transmit this passion to my students and encourage them to be passionate about their own learning. I specially want to transmit this passion to my immigrant community. As an immigrant myself I felt the racial bias and discrimination because people feel we as immigrants, don't have the capability to achieve a high education. My goal is to let all children know that no matter what their status might be, they are all fully capable to achieve their learning goals as long as they keep learning and working hard for what they want, to not give up because some people might not believe in them. I want to be that teacher whose students remember for many years to come. I wish to be remembered as the teacher who never gave up on them and believe they could achieve their goals.
Project GLAD training outcome
ATDLE Conference
As I revisit my long term goal during this school year, I feel proud of the growth I made. Although, I know I have much more to learn and grow, I am quite content of what I have achieved this school year. I was part of a training and a conference that brought me wonderful knowledge and gave me growth as I feel great accomplishment. My goal was to attended training and learn new strategies to obtain resources to differentiate learning for my students. The GLAD training enlighten my knowledge and was able to implement strategies in class right away. I surprised myself as I presented material in a more engaging way that my students loved what they were learning. The ATDLE conference reassured me that being a Dual Immersion teacher is where I want to be.
Family involvement changes life
A future goal that I will like to work on is parent involvement. I am a true believer that parent/family involvement makes a difference in a child's life. This is why I would like to learn more on how to make a connection not only with students but also with their families. I also want to transmit to parents the love and passion for learning even when they believe they can't. When we gain that trust from parents new horizons open for the child and ourselves. I will achieve this by attending workshops, reading about family involvement as well as learning about other cultures to be sensitive to their believes and needs.

Take care of yourself

One thing I can recommend to new teachers and that I plan to do for myself, is to highly practice self care. After my first year of teaching I realized I was neglecting my self. I was overly stressed trying my best to do the best for my students and in an effort to take care of them I was not taking care of my self, nor of my family. I over wrapped my self with work and got sick. Creating not only a body sickness, but also a mind tiredness. After this I learned that I needed to really take care of me first before being able to take care of others. I had heard of this, yet lost my self in work. I also thought taking care of me was selfish and that I did not deserve it. Taking care of yourself is my number one recommendation for new teachers. Really embrace a self care routine and will be the most rewarding for you and all those around you. I will continue to practice this my self to sustain my energy as an educator and maintain a connectivity with my teaching passion.

Generation Genius https://www.generationgenius.com/ is a great science resource that I have used, and not only I love it but my students truly enjoy it as well. This web sites has engaging videos and lesson that go hand in hand with our NGSS units. Here you can find material ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade. It gives you a 15 day free trial and if you really enjoy you may buy a teacher membership or a school membership if you desire. I truly feel its a great resource and recommended to my principal for a school purchase.

Conjuguemos is a great site for students to practice grammar in Spanish. In this site students practice conjugating verbs which is an essential part of the Spanish language. Students practice in a fun yet challenging way. This resource can be used with students of all ages.

In materialparamaestros.com you can find many free printable activities in all subject areas for elementary children. This is a great resource for Dual Immersion teachers as all their material is in Spanish. Material para maestros does have an extension for middle school students.


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