Religion By:Britney


The worlds biggest religion which is based on the teachings of jesus christ. christianity developed out of judaism in the 1st century. followers of christianity are called "christians". christianity has three major branches, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. most adherents of christianity were in the west. traditional christian beliefs include the belief in the one and only true god, who is one being and exists as father, son, and holy spirit.

the figure they worshiped known as jesus christ.
the cross which jesus died on to save people from their sins.
churches normally have stained glass windows that depict the christian stories.
church also known as gods house where people worship jesus.
communion another part of worship bread symbolizes jesus's body and the wine that symbolizes the blood he shed.

Roman Catholicism

Roman catholicism is the oldest continuing absolute monarchy the world. the roman catholic church traces it history to jesus christ and the apostles. the interpretation of roman catholicism is closely related to the interpretation of christianity. roman catholicism originated with the very beginnings of christianity.

a roman catholic church the building of worship
the leader of roman catholic churches known as the pope
prayer beads used by catholics when they pray
a nun one example of a catholic
a catholic school where catholic kids go not just learn normal subjects but also learn the catholic religion


Buddhism is a way of finding peace in ones self, it is a religion that helps ones self to find the happiness and contentment they seek within themselves. buddhists develop inner peace, kindness, and wisdom through daily practice. they share their experiences with others. they try not to harm others and live peacefully, and mentally. working towards their goal of pure and lasting happiness for all living beings.

the godly figure they worship
the way some buddhists dress
buddhist church
indias flag.


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