Week 1-Progress Report (2-24-17)

Today I created this blog, where I will be posting weekly reports on my progress. While researching, I found out that automatons would likely put many out of their jobs because there would be less cost and they are more efficient. I was successful on giving helpful feedback on Genius Hour Trailers, and preparing this blog for the public. Next week, I hope to research more about my topic.

Week 2-Progress Report (3-3-17)

My goal today is to get a general understanding of the top jobs to hold. I achieved my goal and made a notes page for this information. I looked on Business Insider, and briefly looked on today.

Week 3-Progress Report (3-17-17)

My goal for today is to continue research to find the top 3 careers of the future. I continued to take notes of what I researched and I went on sites such as, to further get more professional opinions on the best jobs to hold. I plan to start looking at the jobs that are mentioned most on each website, and research those further.

Week 4-Progress Report (3-24-17)

My goal for today is to make a Flipgrid video, and continue narrowing down the top 3 careers. I accomplished my videos and at the end of class posted my Flipgrid progress video and had continued research. Next week I plan to finalize the top 3 careers, and find more info about them.

Week 5-Progress Report (3-31-17)

My goals for today are to finalize the top 3 careers of the future, and maybe create my website. I accomplished my goals, and looked at and as some sites that I could use to create my website. Next week, I plan to create my website and start posting information on it.

Week 6-Progress Report (4-7-17)

My goals today are to make a website and start posting information about the top 3 careers on it. I looked for some supplemental and more interesting information and I am still working on setting up the website. Next week, I will for sure have my website created, and will start putting information on it.

Week 7-Progress Report (4-14-17)

This week I will work on setting up my website. I have researched a lot these past weeks, but if I find I need something else, I will research that. I set up my website, using but it is not yet live. Next week, I will continue to put info in my website.

Week 8-Progress Report (4-21-17)

Again, I will be working on setting up my website, which will go live sometime in early May. I have posted more info on my website. My goal today is to list the top 3 careers, and maybe put some pictures on the website. Next week, I plan to put data on my site and hope to get it running by presentation day.

Week 9-Progress Report (5-5-17)

My goal for today is to get enough work done on my website that I can finish it my next week. I find it a bit challenging to format and add information to my website. Next week, I plan to have finished my website, as 5-12-17 is the last work day.


My goal for today is to hopefully be able to get lots of work done, and do enough that I will be able to finish by this weekend. This week I encountered a huge drawback, as all the pictures and information disappeared from my website. I also need to work on my presentation as presentation day is next week. Next week, as I said before, I will be presenting and need to work on my website and presentation.

I FINALLY finished my Genius Hour Project on the Top 3 Careers of the Future.

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So, if you have reached this point, you have experienced my Genius Hour journey, through my successes, challenges and what I did along the way to reach this point. I hope you enjoyed my Genius Hour project (link here: It was a great learning experience for me and I am now aware of all the future job possibilities as well as the education and areas of focus needed to be successful. Each of us has a bright and exciting future ahead and our choice of career depends on one's personality, interests and skill set.

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