Value, Emphasis, & Unity Let's Explore! Shall we? -Bianca Lorje

"It Kind Of Hurts"

My artwork is a pair of round sunglasses with rainbow dripping down from the glasses. There's a reflection of a city in the glasses, as if the glasses themselves were peeking at the city. In the image above, the paper is creased in the middle, along with the sunglasses themselves. My idea was to make the glasses look as if they were popping out. Like 3D wise.

My creation to making this piece of work; was used with a regular HB pencil, water color pencils, color pencils, a thin tip sharpie, and a cup to use to trace the circles. After tracing the circle, I lightly drew grid lines inside of the circle so I could draw the buildings. After drawing in the buildings I erased the grid lines.

My artwork is mainly about how some things can drip and fade into the shadows. Even the brightest, and most colorful. Just like people. You could be the most outgoing and brightest person, but sometimes things trigger you. So then you kind of bleed and fade away for a little. Sometimes we cry to relieve pain; in my artwork above. It shows we look at the world blankly, because we gave up at a certain point of time. The rainbow dripping from the glasses is the tears of your brightness and outgoing nature.

My main goal for my artwork is to have someone know that; At some point in time, we do break down inside. We hold in our emotions for the longest time, and we finally let it all go. It changes our behavior, it changes almost everything about you. You aren't that person you were 10 minutes ago. Everything seems different. Personally, I think I reached my goal in this piece of artwork; because you have to think a lot more than expected. My drawing has a lot more meaning to it than rainbow dripping from sunglasses.

My overall thought about this whole project is; my artwork above, has a lot more meaning to it. I did use a lot of my time just to finish my artwork, and it was definitely worth it. I plan to make more of my art have meaning behind it than what you see to the naked eye.

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