Morgan Hull

Chattanooga, TN
I came to ETSU to get away from my family and get closer with my friends.
As of right now I am a nursing major, however that will probably change soon.
Since i graduate in 2020 that means that I have to think ahead to 2025, maybe 2026. I'll be around 28 when that happens. So hopefully in 2025 I'll be travelling, maybe married, maybe with kids.
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Morgan Hull


Created with images by Ron Cogswell - "Tennessee Aquarium -- Chattanooga September 2011" • jeffgunn - "Chattanooga" • bryce_edwards - "Ruby Falls" • Swan44 - "chattanooga rock city lookout mountain" • jeffgunn - "Chattanooga" • jeffgunn - "Chattanooga" • tpsdave - "lake tahoe california emerald bay" • Jasen Miller - "Sauce for the Goose" • FrankWinkler - "new york skyline manhattan" • Unsplash - "cinque terre town italy" • tripandtravelblog - "Oia, Santorini island, Greece!" • Moyan_Brenn - "Paris" • stanze - "bride strauss wedding" • sathyatripodi - "brothers family siblings"

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