what would happen if did not protect ?

All of us have to protect this place because of course if you were in that place like me, we would be fascinated by the beauty of that place since only in that place you will be able to find that millions of liters of water leave a waterfall and not only of One of many waterfalls that form as a half circle and all that water supplies some seas one of them is the Amazon. Imaginence if the Amazon would dry up that would happen in the world? The water would end We would all ask ourselves that. That's why we have to protect that site. Also the National Park of Iguazú is very well known for the great variety of natural riches, its wild fauna and more.

RIO DE JANEIRO - Several organizations are calling on UNESCO to help reopen the Caminho do Colono, a road in southern Brazil that crosses Iguazú National Park, designated Natural World Heritage in 1986. Hydroelectric in the Amazon, reforms to the Forest Code and agrarian conflicts: the population of Brazil has become accustomed in the last decades to several crises that place at opposite ends to environmental organizations and authorities.

Just tell them to collaborate and help Brazil so that the national park of iguazu do not destroy it because besides that it is a beautiful place is a source of water for many places besides the seas and rivers it supplies.

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