Off Long Island, Wind Power Tests the Waters by DIANE CARDWELL

Summary of Article: Last fall, the United States' first offshore wind farm became operational. It includes five turbines off of Block Island in Rhode Island. Recently, the Long Island Power Authority has reached an agreement with Deepwater Wind, the company that built the array in Rhode Island, to build a larger wind farm off the coast of Montauk. The agreed upon wind farm would cost around one billion dollars, and would be capable of powering fifty thousand homes by using only fifteen turbines. However, one issue with this business is that Deepwater Wind would need to lease the land from the federal government. This can be an issue with the changing of power in Washington, more specifically, the new president.

The areas in orange are identified for wind power development on the eastern seaboard

Analysis: This article is note worthy because it represents change in the energy industry. For decades the Earth has been plagued with the use of nonrenewable energy, especially energy that creates additional pollution in the atmosphere. Wind energy is completely renewable and creates no air or water pollution. Additionally, the economic benefits are huge considering once the wind turbine is built, operational costs are almost nothing because the wind is free.

There are many more steps that can be taken to create more renewable energy. However, the clean energy industry is just going to grow on its own as long as it is profitable for it to do so. As long as the government allows more and more leasing of federal lands for lowered prices, businesses will be able to produce clean energy and make a profit. Also, as technology continues to advance, costs will be able to be cut in the production of wind turbines and/or the wind turbines will become more efficient which will also save money.

Takeaway: I chose this article for many reasons. One reason being that our current unit is on renewable or alternative energy. Another reason being that we wrote about Obama's opinion of renewable energy and the fact that he believes that our progress is "irreversible". While I believe that he is right in his facts, I believe the new administration may be able to reverse the clean energy progress by making it less profitable to produce clean energy by not having as many federal lands to lease, which could drive up prices.

In the future, I hope to learn more about how the economy allows or doesn't allow for clean energy. I'm curious as to how successful clean energy can be. Maybe the human race won't even have to try and stop polluting the Earth out of our own will, maybe we will be incentivized by money to do it. Either way, I am excited to see how energy progresses.

Thank you for reading!

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