Ploughate Creamery Cultured Butter


The creamery operates on Bragg Farm, a century-old farm that has significant history in Vermont itself. The owner of the small business, Marisa Mauro, ' that crafts butter began operation in 2014. She won the farm in 2013 through the Farmland Access Program from The Vermont Land Trust. She drafted a business plan model that eventually made her a winner. The specialty of the business is cultured butter which is essentially made differently by adding cultured bacteria to add more of a flavor to it.

Purpose: The intent of this Social Media Toolkit is to strengthen and organize the Ploughate Creamery social media presence and online community through direct consumer interaction on Ploughate Creamery’s social media platforms.

Goal: To increase and expand Ploughate’s online community presence to multiple platforms.

What can you do: Incorporate ways for consumers of Ploughate Creamery to become online advocators for the business. Opportunities for this include:

⦁ Emulating the examples listed below

⦁ Establishing small tours with a hashtag for customers to use

⦁ Showcasing routinely popular customers on all social media platforms

⦁ Weekly or Bi-Weekly competitions where consumers can show-off custom made meals used with Ploughate Butter

⦁ Incorporate other avenues for “fun” posts such as butter quotes

Post Hastags

A good recommendation for something like this could be #Faystonfriendly, #Creamerycontest, #Ploughateprimary or anything along those lines as a means of directing traffic towards the online presence.

Secondary Hashtags

These can include any standard hashtags that are currently being used already by Ploughate Creamery within each respective social media platform.

Image Posting – Friendly Consumer Competition

The image above was extracted from Ploughate Creamery's Facebook platform. This is an example how some people could post their images.

⦁ Image size will vary but above is an example taken from Ploughate Creamery’s Facebook profile.

⦁ In a similar fashion showing an individual cooking, Ploughate can ask consumers for images embody similar attributes as the one above.

⦁ People can then post on their using a hashtag to filter through images readily with the deadline being two days or the night prior to the announced winner.

⦁ Due to a relatively low social media following a bi-weekly arrangement would probably be best. It would reduce stress on the Staff of Ploughate and

⦁ Customer can also be awarded a potential voucher or prize of some sort for the small competition.

⦁ When an image is posted, post something along the lines of:

⦁ Shout out to (tag name) for winning (#eventname). Stay #butterproud!

⦁ Given the kinds of images this event can create, most of them should be centered around being used on Facebook.

Image Posting – Quotes

⦁ Above is an example of butter posting.

⦁ A hashtag that can be used in this situation could simply be #butter followed by a standard Ploughate one.

⦁ The quotes can be a weekly occurrence to keep things fresh.

⦁ Another aspect of incorporation to consumers could be a jar in the offices where people can write notes and leave their name and username to later be added to this post.

⦁ This type of posting should be short and sweet to create a fun aspect to the Ploughate community.

⦁ Most of these types of images can be posted more on Instagram, and Twitter given the type of community presence there

Establishing a New Online Presence in Other Areas

⦁ When joining any new social media platform, remember to transfer over current profile images and content as soon as possible to establish consistency across the board.

⦁ When establishing a new online-presence, be sure to notify customers/consumers to then reinforce the new platform with a following.


⦁ Twitter requires smaller texts for faster information consumption.

⦁ Use http://bit.ly/2oAJU0G for consumers to find your website when attached onto posts to conserve space

⦁ Most posts can be updates as well enjoyable pictures such as the one previously mentioned

⦁ Twitter should also be used as communication

⦁ Ploughate should utilize Twitter as a means of communicating and establishing friendships with other businesses

⦁ Examples of Shorts Posts included: Thank you to (name) for a lunch well-spent. #friends


⦁ Pinterest posts should be geared towards food-related images.

⦁ Utilizing consumer images of cooking with butter should be mostly placed here.

⦁ Each post can be organized into monthly, or weekly charts.

⦁ The posts can be linked back to Facebook where presumably most of these kinds of posting should go back to as well as back to consumer Profile- Page

⦁ This week’s winner is (name) with their (dish name). #PloughatePrimary #PloughateCreamery

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