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Hi, I’m Brandon Remedios, and I am an undergraduate business student pursing my degree in finance. I have experience in financial analysis and portfolio management at both Titan Capital Management (TCM) and Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), and experience in retail banking with Wells Fargo. I will be graduating California State University, Fullerton, in Spring 2019. I am seeking positions as an analyst or trader in investment banking, security research, private equity, or venture capital.

Additional Experience

Work Experience

Equity Research Analyst, Titan Capital Management (June 2018 - Present): Manage the equity division of a $1.5 million portfolio for the CSUF Philanthropic Foundation. Develop research reports for potential stocks to be acquired into the fund's portfolio. Collaborate with 7 other analysts within my team to develop investment strategies and manage the current portfolio holdings. Create analysis to determine suitable industry weightings based on TCM's economic outlook. Utilize the Bloomberg Terminal for conducting in-depth research and analysis of equity securities, funds, company financial trends, economic indicators, and valuation purposes. Ensure that prospective securities and decisions conducted by analysts within my team align with our client's risk tolerance and the Fund's investment policy statement. Generate risk-adjusted returns over the S&P 500 for our client to satisfy the Foundation's philanthropic and scholarship goals.

Equity Analyst Lead, CSUF Student Managed Investment Fund (June 2018 - Present): Equity Analyst Fall 2017 before promotion to Equity Analyst Lead. Lead a team of junior analysts during weekly meetings where we discuss current and future economic events, analyze companies and create buy or sell reports to execute investment opportunities that materialize. Develop workshops to assist new members by teaching them skills required to generate analyses. Build, update, and manage the portfolio abiding by CFAOC's investment policies. Participate in RFP competition against other schools to evaluate club’s investment decisions and logical consistency.

Bank Teller, Wells Fargo (January 2017 - May 2018): Sustained good relations with clients. Recommended various products and procedures to new and existing clients after assessing their needs, resulting in increased customer loyalty. Collaborated with Wells Fargo bankers, financial advisers, mortgage representatives, managers, and other tellers to meet and exceed quarterly sales and relationship-focused goals. Demonstrated outstanding customer service and helped resolve customer concerns. Balanced cash drawers daily and consistently stayed within daily and monthly cash difference limits minimizing risk towards self and company.

Related Coursework

  • ECON 320: Intermediate Business Microeconomics
  • BUAD 301: Advanced Business Communications
  • ISDS 361A, 361B: Business Analytics
  • ISDS 351: Principles of Information Systems
  • FIN 320, 321: Financial Management
  • FIN 340: Introduction to Investments
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