Windsor Village Church Family Period of Prayer and Discernment


Wednesday, 7/11 Church-wide Fasting

Monday, 7/16 Special Meeting & Fellowship, 7:00 pm at The KBC

Wednesday, 7/18 Church-wide Fasting

Monday, 7/23 Women’s Prayer Gathering, 7:00 pm at 6000 Heatherbrook Dr.

Wednesday, 7/25 Church-wide Fasting

Friday, 7/27 Midnight Glory Prayer Gathering, 10:00 pm at The KBC


For your consideration and convenience, below is a list of some of the anticipated most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Question: Since the United Methodist Church is splitting, why are we praying about our future now? Why not wait until the United Methodist Church actually splits?

Answer: The United Methodist Church has for some time been experiencing conflict over the interpretation of essential biblical principles. This theological discord has led the United Methodist Church to discuss splitting along three different paths, but it is currently at odds about how it will split and its focus is unclear. We need to pray about how we can best preserve Windsor Village’s theological clarity and missional goals and whether we can do so going forward in the current United Methodist Church system.

Question: If we were to leave the United Methodist Church, how would the ministries and worship celebrations of Windsor Village be impacted?

Answer: Should we leave the denomination, our ministries and worship services would not be affected by the exit at all.

Question: How would the exit impact the internal structure of Windsor Village?

Answer: The internal structure of Windsor Village would not be impacted either. Our current structure, consisting of The Administrative Board, The Council on Ministries, The Board of Trustees, The Finance Committee and The Staff-Parish Committee, would still be operative. There would be no changes. This internal structure works well.

Question: If we were to leave the denomination, would the name of our Church change?

Answer: Should we leave the denomination, the word “United” would be dropped from our official name. We would remain Kingdom Builders, of course.

Question: Is the consideration to leave the denomination influenced by the Senior Pastor‘s current legal situation?

Answer: No, it does not. The United Methodist Church will meet in February in St. Louis, Missouri to discuss which split plan it will adopt. Both the Church-wide discussion of the pending split and the scheduling of the St. Louis meeting preceded the indictment. The Senior Pastor is not being forced out of the denomination. The two (2) events are independent of each other.

Question: What would Windsor Village lose, should we leave the denomination?

Answer: We do not know yet. We are hopeful that we will not lose anything if after discernment a decision to leave is made. In that event, we are hopeful we can confer with The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church to determine a satisfactory departure.

Question: Should we leave, what denomination would we join?

Answer: There is no proposal to join another denomination. We do, however, intend to keep “Methodist” in our official name. Approximately 25 local churches across the country have left the denomination. To our knowledge, most of them kept “Methodist” in their official name even though they left the denomination.

Question: What does the United Methodist Church provide for us now that we would not have going forward?

Answer: The United Methodist Church does not provide any financial support for Windsor Village. To the contrary, Windsor Village has provided millions of dollars in support over the years to the United Methodist Church. A change in our denominational status will have no impact on Windsor Village’s mission.

Question: If we were to leave, how would this move impact The Kingdom Builders’ Center, in particular, and Pointe 2.3.4, in general? And, how would this move impact The Power Center?

Answer: We do not anticipate any impact whatsoever on The Kingdom Builders’ Center, Pointe 2.3.4, or The Power Center?

Question: As a member of The Windsor Church Family, what is my role in this process?

Answer: You are encouraged to: pray; fast; attend the July events that have been scheduled during the “period of prayer and discernment”; and express your position at the appropriate time.

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