Middle schoolers should not have a bed time By: Emily Batty

Some parents think that they are doing what is best for their kids by setting a bed time. Other think that their kids should do what they want. The problem with a bed time is that there are things that students need to do at night.

Homework takes time to do

Because homework in middle school takes a long time to complete, middle schoolers should not have a bedtime because they need to be able to accomplish their homework. If students have a bedtime then students might not complete their homework to the best of their abilities or complete their homework at all.

Homework is important because it allows you to comprehend material covered in class.

According to Samantha Stainburn "middle school teachers assigned 3.2 hours of homework a week or 38.4 minutes per class. That adds up to 3.2 hours of homework a night"

After school activities and dinner

One important thing for Middle Schoolers is a strong family bond.

one way to create a family bond is to go on a fun, relaxing vacation

According to Jennifer Ankinson, "One of my goals of my homework assignments is to create an opportunity for students to bond with their parents."

If students do not feel as though they have a good parent-child relationship students would most likely not tell their parents things that go on in their lives. This could lead to students doing something bad or getting involved with something bad.

Since you do not want to be that kid in class who falls asleep, you should get enough sleep at night. This might mean that you can't watch Netflix all night but then you can..

-pay attention in school and get good grades

-get a good job

Students should have a good group of friends. One way to assure of that is to let students talk to friends outside of school.

Students should have time at night to facetime, text, and even just talk to or hang-out with friends.

According to Sherry Riter, the author of "The Redhead Riter", kids should spend time with and interact with good friends. "Although there are billions of people on the planet, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with loneliness. A good friend reflects life back to you with things you have in common, being alone doesn't feel as lonely."

Middle schoolers should not have a bed time
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