Children elizabethan era

Three Elizabethan children ages 5,6,7 two boys and 1 girl.

In the Elizabethan Age Infant mortality rate was very High. The rate was 135 to 1000, and these rates would grow higher as they grow up. The infants and children would often die of chicken pox, measles, small pox, and lack of food. These rates dropped in wealthier homes because they were often clean but these children still had a risk of dying.

Children were often called miniature versions of adults. They were raised to respect there elders and their desires were thrown out the door.

The children were often raised by the aids of that persons home. The parents would help some but did have work to tend to.

Only the rich and kids who went to church had an education because they were the kids that had money and kids of more importance. The poor children would be at home, working or doing other things due to poverty.

A girl that is dressed like a Miniature adult

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