Oakfield News Issue 55 27th March 2020

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Reflections from our Head

I have frequently talked about the importance of getting outdoors and ensuring children and adults alike enjoy the fruits and wonder of nature wherever and whenever they can. Obviously freedom in this respect has been rather curtailed by the current situation, but if you have a garden to enjoy then make sure it is enjoyed to the maximum.

Learning has always been so much more than what goes on in a classroom and that maxim is being put to the test in a way none of us could have imagined. So let us all think positively and creatively about how we can devise fulfilling and interesting experiences within our new (and hopefully short-term) realities. Baking, cooking, planting, music, arts and crafts, sewing, knitting, jigsaws and games are all fabulous ways to both learn and also relax. Perhaps the children could also think about ways to reach out to lonely people in your communities by making cards or drawings for them. Displaying art or messages in the window is another way to reach out.

What children cannot intuit they typically rely on adults to explain and decode. However, in those rare times which are truly unprecedented this is not always straightforward. Children need patience, love, calmness and reassurance, along with a sense of humour, perspective and, dare I say it, adventure, and will look to us to provide these vital emotional props. Not easy when we as adults are facing challenges too, but please know that Oakfield is standing alongside you at this time. Don't forget that it is no bad thing for children to be bored occasionally too - this is the time for them to build their own resilience by finding things to do and ways to amuse themselves.

And as mentioned in my letter to parents and carers earlier this week we will have a more structured and consistently applied programme of virtual learning platforms and resources ready for the beginning of next term. However, these will remain flexible for you to access and use in the best way and at the best time for your particular family situation. We do not want anyone to feel stressed, anxious or pressurised - mental health, happiness and wellbeing remain the priority, for both children and adults.

Until then please look after yourselves and each other, and the staff and I wish you all as happy, relaxing and peaceful an Easter break as possible. Sending special (virtual) hugs to all our children.

Moyra Thompson


Thursday Clap and Rainbow Display

We hope most of you were able to join in the 8pm clap on Thursday evening in support of NHS workers. Perhaps you even did what our children of 2 key workers did and make a rainbow. It is hung in the window of our Pre-Prep Library - if you see it on your daily walk or run do look out for it and let it symbolise the fact that all storms eventually pass!

Letters of Support to the NHS

We had some lovely responses from hospitals that our key worker parents work at to the letters of support the Oakfield children wrote. We have shared 2 of them below. Thank you to all the public health workers for the amazing bravery you continue to show!

King's College Hospital

All of us at King's College Hospital would love to thank year 4/5 for the absolutely wonderful cards of support you all made for us. Every card was first read out and then distributed to the incredible team I work with. Many many laughs and tears of joy were shed. This gesture was appreciated by all of us and so well timed. We are all working very hard and will get this over and done with. You have helped us smile and feel valued. Look after your parents / carers / brothers and sisters. Make them smile.

We all need a hug!

Its easy to make people happy!

Thank you Oakfield.

Croydon Hospital

Dear Mrs Thompson and all staff at Oakfield school and Children in years 3 & 4,

Thank you so much for the wonderful letters of support the children made for NHS staff. All of my colleagues were so touched by this, it makes such a difference. These are really dark and stressful times but they brought a smile to everyone’s face, many thanks,

6 Cs


We were keen to share a lovely letter and demonstration of care from Rosie in Year 6 with her reasoning for why she should be able to help the younger children at Oakfield across the road


We now move to a different Rosie (Rosie in Y3) who has written a brilliant account in poetic form of the courage displayed by the suffragette movement:

Year 1

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. During this difficult time we wanted to be in touch to let you know that the Year 1 team are here and available. For now, we hope you are finding a new ‘normal’ for your family and even in the confusion we are facing that there are positives.

Although Spring term ended sooner than expected we wanted to remember some of our favourite parts. Despite losing the last few weeks we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with our lovely children in Year 1. See pictures below that include some of the fun at World Book Day, Toy Workshop, Puppet Man Ron’s Visit, Perform drama day and fun with toys outdoors. Thank you for all you added to it, for your partnership and your ongoing support.

There will be further resources and ideas in the Newsletter and the Portal. In the meantime, some thoughts from the Year 1 team for the last few days of term. Have a go at GoNoodle, each class has their favourites! Finger Gym videos on YouTube are good for handwriting warm-ups. Head outside on a walk to find minibeasts, flowers or spot different trees. Try access some Mindfulness Brain Breaks to keep focus and concentration going.

As the end of term approaches, we wish you and your family a very happy Easter. We look forward to supporting you and working with you in the summer.

The Year One Team



Well done to all children who have been practicing their Spanish skills and completing tasks using languagenut.

This week, Oakfield reached number 83 in the world out of 1000 schools! Well done to the following pupils and classes in particular:


  1. Ryan 2CS
  2. Taylor 5AZ
  3. Jesse 3CM
  4. Henry 3CF
  5. Matthew 5AZ


  1. 5AZ
  2. 2CS
  3. 3CM
  4. 6JW
  5. 3CF

Our next update will be after Easter and remember points only last for 30 days so keep practicing to get yourself and Oakfield to the top of the leaderboard!


Bird Sketching Challenge

This week's sketch challenge has been 'Birds'. It has proven to be quite tricky to draw birds from life, they keep moving and flying away! Most of this week's artist have used photographs to capture our feathered friends, apart from Danny, who has a pet budgerigar named 'Bill'.

Well done to all our Oakfield artists. A gallery of your wonderful bird art will be put on Instagram in the next few days so follow us now! I hope you enjoyed the challenge and look out for the next sketching task!

Meanwhile, if you want to have a go at the 'Bird' challenge but have missed this week's gallery, don't despair, yours can go into the next gallery.

I took on the challenge myself and sketched two birds, a song thrush and a garden warbler. I enjoyed looking at all the patterns of their plumage and working out how to draw their little legs and feet. See pics below.

Happy sketching!

Mrs Fidler

These were sent in by lucky competition winner Lisa


Morning PE sessions have been enlivened by Joe Wicks (aka 'The Body Coach'). Staying active is so important for our physical and mental health, especially given the current circumstances. It gives us energy and positivity and sets us up for the day ahead. All of Joe's videos (including for children, adults and seniors) are saved to his YouTube channel so give them a go if you can!

Mr Allen's deep and meaningful lunge
Miss Francis channelling her inner Body Coach


Composer of the Week

Ennio Morricone

Dear musical cowboys and cowgirls,

We journey from Italy to the Wild West and beyond with this week's composer: Ennio Morricone. The Italian became one of the legends of Hollywood, composing over 400 film scores, alongside a plethora of other musical magic. His most famous works evoke images of scoundrels and sheriffs battling it out in the dessert - one listen to Moment for Morricone, an arrangement of some of his finest work, is enough to get the pulse racing - but he also did a huge amount to revolutionise the art of soundtracks.

Sam Howes (Director of Music)

He may look like an evil dictator, but I promise he is just an incredible composer


Sending birthday wishes to the following children over the Easter holidays:

  • 2nd April: Luke 6JW and Ayra UFSP
  • 3rd April: Camille LFKS
  • 6th April: Charles LFLS
  • 7th April: Skye PNF, Noah 4JM, Etta UFWN, Maximillian UFKT, Edie 6AH
  • 8th April: Arlo PNF, Thea UFKT, Isaiah LFLS
  • 9th April: Lily LFLC, Divine 6AH
  • 10th April: Alyssa UFKT, Daniel 2MF, Callum 5AZ, Cato PNF
  • 11th April: Mya 1AR
  • 12th April: Joseph UFWN, Raphael LFLS
  • 14th April: Aayra 2CS
  • 16th April: Mimi 4JM, Idris 3HB,
  • 17th April: Harry LFKS, Violette 1AW
Have a safe and healthy Easter holidays everyone


Created with images by Markus Spiske - "Made with Canon 5d Mark III and Meyer Optik Görlitz Primoplan 1.9 / 75mm" • Garett Mizunaka - "Part of a shoot I did for my church’s youth ministry. Summer in a studio, obviously fake, but with iconic summer themes. It was a lot of fun!" • Nikhil Mitra - "untitled image" • AussieActive - "Arriving before the crowds, I was free to get a few shots with out people distracting from the image." • sydney Rae - "untitled image" • Mathew Schwartz - "Little Bird on Thatch Korean Roof" • Lysander Yuen - "untitled image" • Mark Solarski - "Vinyl + Grado Headphones" • Nikhita Singhal - "Birthday cake"