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By: Calum McIntyre

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is located in West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., next to the National Mall. The Memorial covers four acres and includes the Stone of Hope, a granite statue of Civil Rights Movement leader Martin Luther King carved by sculptor Lei Yixin.

By: Charlie Hornung

A quote from Martin Luther King Jr's “I Have a Dream” speech, spoken at the Lincoln memorial. The mountain of despair part can be any tough situation. The stone of hope could either be the positive outcome, or somebody who helps a situation (which can vary). At the memorial, there is a mountain with a large hole in the middle of it (image above) In front of that empty mountain stands Martin Luther King Jr carved into a large stone. He is the stone of hope that was in the mountain of despair, which was racial inequality. This quote is said at almost exactly 15 minutes into the speech.

By: Calum McIntyre

"True Peace is not merely the absence of tension it is the presence of justice."

This speech was his memoir of the Montgomery Bus Boycott which M.L.K lead. According to King before the bus boycott the African Americans in Montgomery suffered segregation and poverty, however after the boycott when bus segregation was stopped and desegregation of the buses was achieved, it gave the African Americans of Montgomery new levels of self respect.

Off an article called Between the lines They broke down what Martin Luther King might have been trying to communicate in his ""True Peace is not merely the absence of tension it is the presence of justice." Quote, down below is what they had to say.

"What does Dr. King mean by “true peace”?"

"What would be another way to describe “absence of tension”?

"How can you achieve true peace in your life?"

"By true peace I think Dr. King means everyone is getting along and treated equally and there are no more crimes being made. The ending of racism could be described as absence of tension. For example people say "I can achieve peace in my life when I can be able to take care of me and my family."

Michael's March On Washington Google Doc

In 1963, more than 200,000 people gathered in Washington DC. The march on Washington was organized by many different religious and civil rights groups. A small amount of whites came together with the blacks for the march. Nationwide outrage began by police actions in Birmingham, Alabama. when attack dogs and fire hoses were turned on protestors. MLK was arrested for these actions and this is how it all started. They marched for jobs and freedom. This was a key moment for Martin Luther King jr. “I had a dream” speech that was a speech on racial justice and equality. A lot of people and organizations went around the east coast trying to raise money for people to get to Washington for the march. Not many people have Been there before because they didn't have the money or the whites wouldn't let them. During this time many whites broke out of retaliation against non-violent demonstrations because they didn't like what was going on.

The march on Washington was very significant for different reasons. This march helped them get the rights they wanted and let the blacks have better and more opportunities. I think this was very significant because if this march never happened they might have still been trying to get them. Also i think that everyone depending on there color should have the same rights and that they shouldn't have gone through all this trouble when they should have these basic rights.

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