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Caroline's Rainbow Foundation is a registered UK charity, working to raise awareness of the importance of safe travel. Whether going abroad for independent travel, gap year placements, business trips or simply visiting a different country.

From London to Singapore and everywhere in between.
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Mark Twain

Ask Yourself

You are travelling for your experience and to create your memories. When deciding on an adventure always ask yourself;


What do I want to do and what experiences will I have? - Adrenaline or relaxation?


Where do I want to go and what do I want to see? - Natural world or made by man?


When do I want to go? - Snowboots or Flipflop's?


Why am I doing this? - For me or someone else?

From hot to cold and everything in between

Know what you want from your trip.

Experiences to have | Places to visit | Things to see | People to meet

Preperation | Research

One of the most important aspects of preparing for any trip is research. When you travel your time is precious, prepare as much as possible so when you travel your focus is on living in the moment.

Research your Destination

Places | People | Culture | Events | Landmarks | Activities

Highlights | Safety tips | Places to avoid | Common crimes

Check your Documents

Passport | Insurance | Visas

Tickets and Accommodation

Bus | Plane | Train | Hotel | Hostel | Activities

Pack your Bags

Wash bag | Clothes | Phone | Chargers | Guidebooks | Books

When Travelling

Ongoing Risk Assessment | Keep in Touch

Safer Travel App

In 2012 Caroline's Rainbow Foundation celebrated its 10th year anniversary. To keep up with the busy lives of travellers we created our Safer Travel App.

Free to download the App is an easily accessible source of essential city specific information for over 350 major travel destinations.

Safer Travel App

The Safer Travel App offers specific travel and safety information for destinations around the globe, including;

  • travel safety tips,
  • information about the country or city,
  • highlights and attractions,
  • useful and emergency phone numbers,
  • helpful website links that travellers might need,
  • local and annual events in the area,
  • places to go and avoid,
  • season to travel,
  • interactive maps,
  • current population,
  • ethnic groups and languages spoken,
  • local news reports.

The App holds comprehensive information for over 350 destinations, our aim is to cover information for the world's most popular travel destinations. Over the following years we will expand the App to cover favoured business destinations and trending backpacking routes. Ultimately, we are working to cover every travel destination on the planet!

Most people take mobile phones and tablets with them wherever they go. Now, everyone will be able to access relevant travel and city specific safety information on our Safer Travel App anywhere in the world when they need it the most.

Download now for free

Think about your Safety

Risk Assessment

Step 1 | Identify the hazard - Is the risk people or environment?

Step 2 | Identify who is at risk - Are you or your group at risk?

Step 3 | Evaluate the risk - Is the risk acceptable to you and your group?

Step 4 | Increase your knowledge - Are you aware of all dangers around you?

Risk Awareness

Step 1 | Body language - How are people approaching you?

Step 2 | Aggression and mentality - How are people speaking to you?

Step 3 | Understand people’s intensions - What do people want from you?

Step 4 | Personal intuition - What does your intuition say?

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

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Caroline's Rainbow Foundation

Registered Charity number 1095766 | Registered Company number 04525003

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