Canbury School Newsletter 18th January 2019. issue 147

Dear Parents and Visitors

Where to begin?! The only words on everyone's lips yesterday were "It's here". Yes, the Sixth Form building has arrived!

It was an even earlier start than usual for Mrs Branney, Mr Adams and me, as the huge vehicle containing the two part purpose-built, spanking new unit arrived outside Canbury, in the dark and rain, at 6.15am. By 9am, to the delight of our Sixth Formers who were granted exceptional leave from their studies to watch this momentous event, the first half of the structure was being hoisted into place.

Gently does it....part one of the structure, watched by an intent crowd, is hoisted into place.

By lunchtime, the second half was down. I cannot tell you how many lovely messages I received from parents wishing us well on such a magical day. Sixth Formers who have been so patient won't have much longer to wait before the building is ready for them to inhabit. The Canbury Sixth Form is an exciting new chapter in our history and one which will only enhance further our reputation for providing excellent teaching in a superb pastoral setting (and now separate purpose-built block!). Happy days.

And she's down!

We will be hosting a Sixth Form building celebratory coffee morning for our parents to come and share our excitement and see for themselves what we are all so delighted about. Date to follow.

Thank you to all parents who arrived at the Year 9 Options evening this week. The event proved informative and interesting and provided much food for thought as to which GCSEs our students would like to take. Please may I remind you to return your form of interest by Friday 1st February at the latest. An earlier response would be appreciated. Please send to Mrs Branney: gbranney@canburyschool.co.uk Thank you.

What to do? So many choices at the Year 9 Options evening.

The builders weren't the only visitors to Canbury this week. We like to mix things up a bit as you know, so there was also great excitement when a four-legged bundle of fur bowled in and spent all his time here being stroked and tickled. Ned the cockerpoo, Mrs Bate's dog, was cuddled and petted and generally spoiled rotten by students and staff alike. All I could hear were lots of "ooooohs" and "ahhhhhs". It was a real treat and only reinforces my firm opinion that dogs can work wonders with putting a smile on all our faces.

Ned and Jack getting to know each other.

We look forward to meeting all Year 11 students and parents/carers at parents' evening next Wednesday, 23rd January from 5-7pm.

All in all, it's been a very happy week here at Canbury. No January blues for us!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 10

Great concentration in a two hour Art lesson - Drew, Amy, Cate and Rosie, well done.

Louis for very good focus in Mathematics.

Year 11

Well done to Year 11 students on their conduct throughout the mock examinations this week. Only a few more to go on Monday!


Duke of Edinburgh Award arrangements for 2019.

As you are aware, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is now firmly established at Canbury School. This year we are employing the services of benbullenadventures.co.uk to deliver the training and organise the expeditions for the school. Our staff leader for DoFE is Mr McGregor who will be your first point of contact.

The Year 9 parents' evening is on Thursday 31st January starting at 5pm. However from 4-5pm that same day, we have a presentation from the Ben Bullen Adventures team about achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and the benefits to each young person.

In a change to the former schedule, Duke of Edinburgh preparation will now be delivered as whole day training sessions rather than as a weekly after school club. We believe this will make it an even more enjoyable process for our students.

It is envisaged that all Year 9 will participate in the Bronze Award this year and those now in Year 10 who completed Bronze last year will also be offered the opportunity to complete the Silver Award.

Please advise the school reception whether you and your son/daughter will be attending the presentation.

Unilever apprenticeships - a student's view.

Writes Harry in Year 10: The week before Christmas I attended an open evening at Unilever's Leatherhead offices, where I learnt about the apprenticeships programme they run. There are opportunities to work at Unilever whilst studying. I would be interested in a level 6 apprenticeship which allows you to study for 20% of the time whilst working and gaining experience in a job (whilst also being paid). At the end of this you come out with a qualification/degree. There are also other programmes which include a level 3 apprenticeship which you do in place of 'A' levels. We had the opportunity to talk to people who are currently doing apprenticeships there, from programs such as Business and Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain and IT. I thought it looked really interesting.

National Citizen Service.

Year 11 had their own assembly today, led by two guests from National Citizen Service (https://www.ncsyes.co.uk)

NCS describes itself as the country’s fastest-growing youth movement for all teenagers aged 15-17 to discover who they are and what they can do. Nearly 500,000 young people have already taken part and it provides a fantastic opportunity to try new things after the hard work of GCSEs.

Students were given lots of information at the NCS presentation today. Do have a chat with your son or daughter about what they think.

The four-phase programme is specifically designed to provide young people with all sorts of new experiences. Whether our students are daredevils or creative geniuses, talkative or more reserved, they'll be surprised by how much they're actually capable of, coming away with a host of new skills and bags of confidence. If they want to boost their UCAS statement or CV, meet incredible people, get their voice heard and have a lot of fun while they’re at it, then NCS is for them.

Evie makes her mark!

Year 9 student Evie was a ball girl for Chelsea F.C Women when they played against Reading F.C Women team earlier this month at Kingsmeadow in Kingston, which is the home ground for the Chelsea women.

Evie was invited to do so because she plays for Richmond FC girls under 14 team every week. We hear she threw back the ball on a number of occasions and had the pleasure of meeting some team members afterwards for autographs and chat.

In the event Chelsea secured themselves a 4-0 win and Evie thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Who knows, we might all be watching her play in the future!

Come on the blues! Evie (R) with friend.

Meet the member of staff

Marmite - does Mr Barnes love it or loathe it?

The end of the newsletter, where we get to find out a little bit more about a member of the Canbury family. This week we find out whether Geography and Sports teacher Mr Barnes is a "love it or loathe it" marmite man, how he's joined the ranks of "I'll never be a premier league footballer player" and how he's not going on just a bear hunt one of these days, he's off in search of the big five.

So you've survived your first term at Canbury - what's been the best thing about it?

The lovely staff and students and the general welcoming atmosphere of the school.

Share a top relaxation/favourite way to unwind, tip with us

Reading a good book or watching a Netflix series

What's your go to healthy snack to refuel after a long day?

Scrambled eggs on brown bread with marmite

Mr Barnes. What makes him tick?

If you could change one thing about Canbury, what would it be?

A bit more space for a full- sized floodlit AstroTurf, sports hall and Olympic swimming pool (is this asking for too much??)

What would you tell your 17 year old self if you could meet him?

Invest early in Bitcoin

Did you struggle with any subject, and if you did, how did you manage to do that work?

Yes, mainly Maths and Physics. I probably just muddled through, I should have always worked my hardest and asked my teachers for more help though.

Did you always want to be a Geography/Sport teacher?

Yes, after I came to painful realisation that I'd never be a Premier League footballer!

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Time spent with the family, watching/ playing sport and a cold beer at some point!

Best holiday you've ever had?

Spending Christmas and new year in Rio a few years back.

Next location on your wish list of holidays (if money was NO object)?

An African safari to see the big five.




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