In Hostile Territory Will YOu LoOSE your integrity?

This is an excerpt from the story I am currently writing. It is a story of loyalty and the deception. Will a man a man who is a protagonist of integrity going to backdown when circumstance turn out against him and put him in trouble?

I lay down silently beneath the thorned, bushy ground of the jungle. I am hiding from the hired killers who wants to ruin my life. I am frightened hearing the groaning of the tree trunks while the wind gently blows through their willowing branches rich with leaves. At one point I was having a peaceful dinner with my family. And in a split of a second I'm trapped here alone in the rubbles of the jungle, trying to run away from the peple who is accusing me of disloyalty to the organization. As I hear the crumpling dry leaf, I silently aimed at their direction.


Andi Tano Lombas

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