Being 15 In Mexico Adalid ponce; 3rd period; comp 9.

Mexico is big country, where the government there is very corrupt and police are very unfair to certain people. Besides that Mexico is very popular for their big parties for turning 15, holiday festivals/parties. Mexico has had serious problems this year like the current president, Enrique Pena Nieto, has been "corrupt" and when a very famous artist died this year of a heart attack, people around Mexico celebrated his death and he had a big funeral where fans got to say good bye to him, and when singers die its a big thing too.
Being 15 in Mexico is difficult yet fun, because of economics and friends. Teenagers in Mexico may have to leave the country to get a better life, some challenges of being 15 in mexico might be to have to deal with a bad economy life (ponce). Being a girl in mexico and planing for your big xv (quincanera ) is a cool part of being 15 because you invite family and friends, you get to dance and have fun (ponce). In Mexico teens like to hangout with friends, go to parties, to go the mall ,and their favorite the movie theater and eating tacos is what they do on their free time.

Through this process, by making connections, I identified that teens in Mexico and I have many things in common and can connect with one another. Having a connection with someone my age can make myself identify with them and we can be like one another. Also I think making a connection with 15 year olds means to me that at least I will get to know certain teens my age and get to know what kinds of things they like to do at their free time so we both can do things together and what kinds of things make us feel sad, mad emotional etc.

In conclusion being a 15 anywhere is not easy at all, first of all because a 15 year old anywhere has a hard,busy life, to live. Eventhough we have the privilige to do certain things, yes we all have ups and downs, but we get out of it either way. Being 15 is a very hard year to go through because theres going to be many situations where we won't be able to see the light and the end of the tunnel, and just get to the point to give up.


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