Adventure into the Butterfly Rainforest Tyler Powell


Right when you walk into the Butterfly Portion of the museum there is a vast display of hundreds and hundreds of butterflies that range from tiny to large, and cover every color on the rainbow. This impressive display of the various different types and species of butterflies caught and held my attention. By being able to visibly see the diversity within the species with my own eyes really showed me that the natural world is impossibly differing in its design, and that nature truly has no limits.


Leopold believed that we should see ourselves as part of the "Biotic Community". Basically, Leopold wanted people to see themselves as a part of nature, not above it. The Rain forest exhibit within the Natural History Museum gives just the feeling that Leopold desired in his teachings. As i walked through the Rain Forest I felt as if I wasn't in a museum but an actual forest. The numerous amounts of butterflies flying right near me, planted on trees, and flying high above the canopy gave me a feeling that I was truly a part of nature. Other's visiting at the same time were just as enamored as I was. Various other Good Life students, Adults with children, and elderly people were sitting on benches and just enjoying the peaceful scenery that the Butterflies and rain forest provided. This exhibit just reinforced my previous beliefs that humans should respect nature, because after all, this is our home too.


The Natural History Museum allows its visitors to step out of ordinary life by presenting them with the opportunity to venture into a safe, butterfly-rich Rain Forest, all while not having to leave the country, or even Gainesville. By giving it's visitors the chance to experience this feeling, it truly instills the fact that natural world is truly a beautiful thing.


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