Why I think that the U.S. should take more refugees By: Carter J.

Why I think the U.S. should take in more Refugees

I think the U.S should take in more refugees because the economy moving up very slow and refugees can help. I think if more refugees come into America, they will have to get jobs to pay for food and places to live which will make more money to help the dept in the government.

Syrian Refugees learning at school.

Another way I think that the U.S should bring in syrian refugees is because according U.S State Department 80% of the syrian refugees are women and children. I think that helping the children will build strong bounds with refugees and children that live in America already. The refugees will also bring diversity into neighborhoods and cities.

I also think America should take in syrian refugees to make the country look more selfless because three republican presidential candidates; Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump say that they shouldn’t take in any of the refugees because of their religion. I think that saying to not take in people because of their religion is discrimination and racist.

Ted Cruz (left), Donald Trump (right)

The first amendment states, “Guarantees the right to the freedoms of speech, press, and religion. Protects the right to petition the government.” Also The United States was built by immigrants and refugees, people like Donald Trump should not say that just because they are coming for a country that is in a horrible state at the moment should get a chance to come to The United States of America.

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