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Whats New in AvakinLife

You can now have a contoured look... Check it out in the shop everyone. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6a8ZZ_Hc-G/?igshid=bq616pwkuofj
Check out the new Cool Blue Malibu Mansion https://www.instagram.com/p/B6Wbdy-Bu2t/?igshid=4809d7e29qoj
@avakin_job_finder https://instagram.com/avakin_job_finder?igshid=3szkrku52404 Here is a new page that is dedicated to helping the Avakin Community. They help Avakins our by giving them various jobs and they pay with gifts. Go follow them and dm them for more details

Giveaways & Events

Wedding & Engagement Announcements

Congratulations 🍾 to @lisa.mariellee & @enry.eriksenn December 30 2019
Congratulations 🎉 to @avagirl_shreyak07 & @avakin_bittu December 9th, 2019
Congratulations 🎉 to @flamey_anita & @luciferava66 January 1, 2020
Congratulations to @turtle_abell & @helioshornet for getting engaged on December 22, 2019
Congratulations to @angellina.taw & @joshxbluntz1 for getting engaged
Congratulations to @the_original4 & @_caspers_crzy January 7, 2020


Cloudnine Treacle Dress
Avvy: Cosmos x Diah Moon Winterburn outfit Chii: Cosmos x Diah Moon Winterflame outfit
Avvy: Drop Science Glyph Hoodie x Drop Science Brand Shorts Chii: Drop Science Profile jacket

Featured Avakin Editors

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Featured Avakin Youtubers





Avakin Apartment Tours

Birthday Announcements

Wishing @duchessekhloe a happy Birthday January 9th


By @avkinjocyn

As a tribute to her many subscribers, and supporters, Avakin Jocelyn has Joined the Avakin People Magazine to Curate her style, for those who want to achieve “The Jocelyn Look” we hope you enjoy, and tryout her looks, and tag her in your posts, and stories. She just might share it in her stories... Who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jocelyn’s Outdoor New Years Party Look:

  • Hair: The Faina, and The Sadi
  • Makeup: Kijane Fierce as Leopard Facepaint, Flawless Meow Eyeliner, and Hollywood Lips
  • Features: On Fleek Eyebrows, Cosmos Zombie Eyes
  • Jewelry: Bijouterie Navarre Diamond Crown
  • Outfit: Ikon Goddess Dress
  • Wings: Cosmos Elder Tree Wings
  • Tattoos: Snake Coil Cuff, Rose Gold Swirls Cuff, Gold Dakota Tattoo, Gold Isabella Tattoo,Love Tribal Tattoo, Delicate Peony Tattoo, Hei Tiki Maori Tattoo

Exclusive Interview

First and foremost, we want to send a grand congratulations to our very own Avakin Alanis. @avakin_alanis has had a popular page on Instagram for a while now, and she mainly does Avakin Vs Real life photos, and sometimes she does Avakin vs Imvu dance videos. She has been a member of Avakin People Magazine, since it’s second issue (December 2018) , and her column is always beautifully curated. Her hard work, and determination, has gotten her promoted to become a content creator for LKWD. We were so ecstatic, that we asked her to do an interview with us, and she was so kind to participate.

  • Avakin People Magazine: How long have you been a member of the Avakin Life Community?
  • Avakin Alanis: For three years
  • Avakin People Magazine: What is your favorite thing to do while playing Avakin Life?
  • Avakin Alanis: Exploring all possible scenes, decorating houses, and styling outfits.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What inspired you to make your page on Instagram?
  • Avakin Alanis: I have a lot of interests, including expressing my ideas through pictures and videos. Instagram is a perfect platform for it, and I am so happy for the day I’ve started my page! The amount of support I got from Avakin Life community is simply incredible!
  • Avakin People Magazine: What is your favorite Avakin Brand?
  • Avakin Alanis: IKON and Front Row
Avakin Alanis
  • Avakin People Magazine: Where is your favorite social spot in Avakin?
  • Avakin Alanis: For now all the winter season scenes. My favorite spot that’s not available at the moment is Bosphorus Bar. I can’t even explain why, it’s just so breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful.
  • Avakin People Magazine: Who in Avakin life inspires you the most?
  • Avakin Alanis: The Avakin Life community is truly full of wonderful, talented and creative people. I am grateful that I met so many of those individuals, who left an impact in my heart! And I look forward to meeting new people as well. Each new day on Avakin Life offers this exciting opportunity.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What would you say your style is?
  • Avakins Alanis: I feel like my style continues to evolve. In general I’d say, my sense of style is pretty feminine and classic. I don’t follow trends, unless they reflect my personality. Sometimes it takes time to realize what style resonates with you the most. That’s why I launched “Style Guide”. It’s a series of videos, that you can watch on AvakinOfficial YouTube channel. Each episode is going to represent one particular style of clothing with tips on how to follow it and an outfit showcase.
  • Avakin People Magazine: You have recently became a content creator, how does it feel to be a representative of the Avakin Community?
  • Avakin Alanis: This is an absolute honor! I am on cloud nine and can’t wait to share my ideas with all of you!
  • Avakin People Magazine: There are so many who you inspire at this time, what is your advise to them?
  • Avakin Alanis: First of all, I believe that each person has an ability to create. That is why it’s important to focus on your own thoughts and ideas, and create your unique projects instead of copying someone else’s work. And if you feel like you have something unique to share, don’t be afraid and don’t let anyone’s criticism bring you down.
  • Avakin People Magazine: If you could create a new feature for Avakin Life, what would it be?
  • Avakin Alanis: It amazes me to watch how the game grows year by year. I remember times when there were no animation sets, no mini-games, no interactive items or dances/poses, and look where we are now! I really wish this growth will continue, and 2020 will bring us exciting new features expanding boundaries of the virtual dimension. If it was up to me, I’d implement XL-apartments in the game. I’m sure it’s a dream of many people.

Avakin Vs Real Life

By @avakin_alanis

Looks inspired by “The Red Carpet”

Get The Look For Less

Showing Avakins that they can still achieve a great look, even if they are unable to purchase expensive items. Here is how to get the same look for less... Curated by @dollfacedamami.ava

New Years Ball

The Look:

  • Hair: The Balia 2,499 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Bijouterie Ceylon Ruby Necklace (Exclusive Item) 24,999 Avacoins
  • Bijouterie Sunrise Cremieux Ring (Exclusive Item) 9,999 Avacoins
  • Dress: La Haute Couture Isola Gown 5,499 Avacoins
  • Total: 42,996 Avacoins

The Look For Less:

  • Hair: The Delilah 549 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Prysm Chanting Sun Necklace 599 Avacoins
  • Cosmos Eliana Gold Bracelets 499 Avacoins
  • Dress: Diversion Dress 899 Avacoins
  • Total: 2,546 Avacoins
New Years Eve Party

The Look:

  • Hair: The Eva 899 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Bijouterie Coronation Diamond Necklace (Exclusive Item) 14,999 Avacoins
  • Bijouterie Commandment Topaz Bracelet (exclusive item) 6,999 Avacoins
  • Dress: Front Row Breaking News Dress 1,299 Avacoins
  • Total: 24,196 Avacoins

The Look For Less:

  • Hair: The Petunia 749 Avacoins
  • Accessories: Prysm Crystal Orbit Necklace 399 Avacoins
  • Cloud Nine Rock It Envelope Clutch 399 Avacoins
  • Dress: Cloud Nine Sugar Dress 899 Avacoins
  • Shoes: Cloud Nine Saccharine Heels 399 Avacoins
  • Total: 2,845 Avacoins
New Years at Times Square

The Look:

  • Hat: Foal Pom Pom Leather Cap 449 Avacoins
  • Hair: The Peggy 749 Avacoins
  • Accessories: Front Row Cashmere Scarf - Black 499 Avacoins
  • Licorice Stripes Fingerless Gloves 149 Avacoins
  • Top: Faux Fur Vest 549 Avacoins
  • Bottom: Garage Laguna Blue High Waist Ankle Jegging 499 Avacoins
  • Shoes: Allington 6 Inch Boot in Yellow 599 Avacoins
  • Total: 3,493 Avacoins

The Look For Less:

  • Hat: Foal Pom Pom Leather Cap 449 Avacoins
  • Hair: The Zena 849 Avacoins
  • Top: Foal Untamable Leather Jacket 499 Avacoins
  • Gloves: Licorice Stripes Fingerless Gloves 149 Avacoins
  • Bottom: Drop Science Unleashed Ripped Jeans 499 Avacoins
  • Shoes: Drop Science Leopard Hi-tops 599 Avacoins
  • Total: 3,044 Avacoins

Featured Avakin Instagrammers

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👇🏼Tap the link below to view the video👇🏼https://www.instagram.com/p/B6zROqNhJMp/?igshid=1of81y1v22sqh
👇🏼Tap the link below to view the video👇🏼https://www.instagram.com/tv/B61R52xh6rS/?igshid=10iz4tqrf3e21
👇🏼Tap The Link Below to View Video👇🏼https://www.instagram.com/p/B63NFTDhbtC/?igshid=u8e2asuii2p1

Celebrity of the Month

Avakin Justin Timberlake @justimber.va https://instagram.com/justimber.va?igshid=1peeg4ubju65g

Welcoming in our new team member @avakin._.barbie. Barbie, as we call her does interviews with Avakins who role play as Avakin versions of actual celebrities. These talented Avakins make awesome video clips on Instagram. This month also her first ever interview is with Avakin Justin Timeberlake.

  • Barbie: How is your experience on avakin?
  • Avakin JT: I started playing avakin from day 1 at level 0 to now level 58. It is a really fun game. Hanging out with friends, and having my own family. To being helpful to others when they need help, and I always help out those who ask me for work or trade. I love Avakin very much! :) 100% best game in the world. Top #1 Game of Avakin Life! ❤😍💯
  • Barbie: Do you enjoy making videos?
  • Avakin JT: Honestly... I Love Making Music Videos whenever I have time, and have a new idea for what video I am going to make, and what song I really like. I love freestyle, dance, and follow the beat of any song. Making Music videos is my favorite hobby.
  • Barbie: How long have you been playing avakin?
  • Avakin JT: I have played this game for almost One year in Eighteen Months
  • Barbie: What is your favorite thing to do on avakin?
  • Avakin JT: Actually... My favorite thing to do on avakin is to chill and Relax! :)
  • Barbie: What or who is your inspiration?
  • Avakin JT: Justin Timberlake inspired me because of his great music, and collabs. So I wanted to represent him in avakin.
  • Barbie: If you were able to create a new feature on Avakin, what would it be?
  • Avakin JT: I want LKWD to make a new club and put a top 40 songs on the server and allow others choose the songs they want.
  • Barbie: Do you have any new videos to be posted soon?
  • Avakin JT: Yes we have a new music video that will be released soon by February. Its called Love, Sex, Magic by Winter Blanco Avakin, Ciara Avakin and me
  • Barbie: Can you tell us a little about this music video?
  • Avakin JT: Well... Actually, I was very excited about sprinkling that flavor on the song, because this music video is about sharing the many sides of me, and I wanted to make sure there was something for everybody on it and that music video is another reflection of where I'm at right now.
  • Barbie: Will you be doing a video of “Suit and Tie” song soon?
  • Avakin JT: I am not sure about it. I hope we will do that video “Suit and Tie”. We will let you know, because we have many other works in progress! :)
👇🏼Tap Link Below to View video👇🏼https://www.instagram.com/tv/B6cyVuQFu8s/?igshid=1k1zri9p314ov

Featured Avakin Model Agencies

Please help support the Avakin Community by following, liking, and commenting on the pages of these wonderful agencies. If you are interested in becoming a model, feel free to message them via dm for requirements.

Happy New Year from Halcyon Models Agency. They decided to feature a few of their models. Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @halcyon_models https://instagram.com/halcyon_models?igshid=27e9fg2ynrtx
@11devileri11 follow by tapping the link 👇🏼https://instagram.com/11devileri11?igshid=xkhkip1yxhh8
@ladyamara.z8 Follow by tapping the link👇🏼https://instagram.com/ladyamara.z8?igshid=gyuruyztfcc7

Exclusive Interview

All Avakins know Coelette Love as one of the content creators for LKWD. She has her YouTube channel, which is very entertaining, and her Instagram page. She is well known for always having pink hair, and cute sparkling eyes. Coelette is one of the most adored Avakins in our community. She has been through some rough times, as we all know, but she is still here, and still inspiring many others. We were lucky to be able to contact her for an interview, and it was a pleasure...

  • Avakin People Magazine: How long have you been playing AvakinLife?
  • Coelette Love: About 4 and a half years.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What is your absolute favorite thing to do on Avakin?
  • Coelette Love: I love socializing with people from all around the world!
  • Avakin People Magazine: What do you like most about Avakin life?
  • Coelette Love: I love the customization as well as the fact I can make my character look like an anime girl, but the thing I like most would probably have to be being able to log on, join a server, and talk to someone from around the world!
  • Avakin People Magazine: Many Avakins know you from your YouTube channel, what inspired you to make YouTube videos?
  • Coelette Love: I have always loved helping others, and have wanted to make a YouTube Channel way before I discovered Avakin Life. So I combined those two factors and started off making helpful videos like walking through new updates.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What and/or who inspires you the most?
  • Coelette Love: Karoline G Gomez was a huge inspiration for me! It's actually thanks to her that I joined the Avakin Community outside of the game and learned to edit and realized how much I enjoyed being apart of the community. I found my happy place with Avakin Life.
Happy New Year From @coelette_love 💕
  • Avakin People Magazine: What message do you hope to spread throughout the Avakin Community?
  • Coelette Love: Love and Positivity are messages I spread on a regular basis.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What is your favorite style to wear on Avakin?
  • Coelette Love: I love Yume because that's basically the anime brand of Avakin Life, but I also enjoy Delirious Squid for more of a punk/emo look. I love making black and pink combo outfits!
  • Avakin People Magazine: What are you looking forward to within the new year?
  • Coelette Love: I hope to finally get a bundle released of my own! I was supposed to mid 2019, but my mother was diagnosed with cancer so during that time I went MIA for a few months. Also, I cannot wait to see what new features are to come within Avakin Life!
  • Avakin People Magazine: You are one of Avakins most adored content creators, is there any advice that you can give to Avakins who wish to become a content creator some day?
  • Coelette Love: Be sure you understand that being a Content Creator is more than just a badge. I know many want it for the badge, but there is so much more to it. Be sure you are doing what you are passionate about. I myself never expected to become a Content Creator. I was simply helping the community, editing, creating, and playing the game because it made me happy. So always do what makes you happy because that is what is most important overall.
  • Avakin People Magazine: If you were able to create a new feature for Avakin Life, what would it be?
  • Coelette Love: A couple of years ago, Avakin Life removed the Color Wheel for outfits and hairstyles. For a character who only rocks pink hair, I was highly disappointed. So for a new feature, I would love a hair salon in Avakin Life. A place we can take our characters to pick out hairstyles along with whatever color of our choice. I'd be so happy to finally have more hairstyles in pink again!

Featured Avakin Families

No Avakin families submitted any content for January unfortunately. We depend on you the community to participate and make this all possible. If you would like your family featured in February please inquire to us via dm @avakinpeoplemagazine. All content must be submitted by the deadline of February 5th.

Ask Anything

Welcome to our advice column... You can have your questions posted on here, just DM us a question and viola we will answer it. You have the option to remain anonymous if you like. Just tell us to place you as anonymous.
Unable to connect to AvakinLife

@jessy_zayne33 asked,”can you help me? It’s been doing this to me for a week”

Avakin People Magazine: There are two solutions to this problem. You may have to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Solution number 2 is that you may have to update your device. Your game should connect in a flash.

I forgot my login info

@savage._.clair_1 askes: Do you know how to get your account back, because I logged out 😖 and I don’t know wha to do?

Avakin People Magazine: If your account was save to Google gameroom, you may be able to get it back, also if you linked it to face book. But as along as you remember which email you use to login with, there is a chance that you will be able to recover your account by tapping on “forgot password”. LKWD will ask you to put in your email, and they will send you a link to email, to recover your account.

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