Time For Kidz Natures Brightest Ideas by:irma morales perez

Abandon-to give up completely.

Plume- spomething feather-shaped; a vapor, smoke, or gas column.

Fungi-a group of organisms that includes mold, mushrooms, and yeast.

Illuminate- to light.

Database- a digital collection of information.

Expose- to uncover.

Fantastic- based on fantasy.


Created with images by art makes me smile - "Transforming Nature Exhibition - Etherow Park, compstall, England" • jasonwoodhead23 - "Abandoned" • Skitterphoto - "plume sunset yellow" • grassrootsgroundswell - "Fungi" • LoggaWiggler - "water fountain illuminated" • gnizr - "database schema" • avrene - "figs exposed" • Matt From London - "Fantastic"

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