Mrs.Underwood 7th grade science

nature of the job
major tasks include managing student behavior, fulfilling professional duties, and grading papers

Mrs. Underwood talks to other science teachers, secretary's, and principals

she is required to follow what her supervisors say, get things in on time and update her licence.

personal qualities include being a people person, have energy, be organized, flexible, communication and patience

certain interpersonal skills include, being a good listener and having good communication.

she wishes she knew how time consuming it is how emotionally draining it is, and attitude is everything.

to become licensed she had to have a four year degree, and student teaching. Mrs. Underwood had her masters.

working conditions and benefits.

greatest satisfactions are seeing students develop over time, making personal connections, and watching the information click.

she would chance the fact that she doesn't have very much time to do things

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