Stranger than Fiction ANNA tOTSKY

Strange. The right word to describe this film. An IRS agent, Harold, lives his life in a routine that happens over and over and over again. He brushes his teeth a certain amount of times and in a certain way. He wears the same outfits. He walks the same way to the bus stop everyday. He lives his life through his wrist watch. I found Harold intriguing. I asked myself many questions. Why is he like this? What happened to him? Why does he want to live this way? Until one day, he hears the voice who is narrating his life. Everything changes and he struggles.

The voice told him he was going to die. I did not expect this. So the whole rest of the movie I was very eager to see what was going to happen. I loved the scene where he went to the bakery because the owner, Ana, did not pay a certain amount of taxes. She was badass and he feel in love. I loved how passionate and smart she was. The watch kept trying to make him realize she was his love. The encounter on the bus and at her house with the cookies were all apart of their story. She made an impact on him to just live his life. He stopped all his routines and lived how he wanted before he died. Harold wanted Ana. I loved when he brought her flour. It melted my heart. He learned how to play guitar. It was so interesting to see how much he changed as a person.

I blew my mind when Harold met the writer of his life. He really wanted to stop his death. The whole story line is crazy. I never saw the ending coming. He was hit by a bus but the author could not accept his death. Harold did not die but his watch did. I thought this was an amazing film. The beginning I did not think I would like it but ended up loving it. I mean anything with Will Ferrell is always a must watch.

Stranger Than Fiction has a connection to theology. Once again a comparison I was not able to make until Professor Olsen mentioned it. Harold sacrifices his life for someone else, comparable to Jesus. Harold was between two stories for his life: comedy or tragedy. It is said the essence of the Christian story is a tragi-comedy. Tragedy and comedy is prevalent throughout the Bible. The narrator was seen as God-like. She had the power of life and death over Harold. She knew everything about his life. She knew his life better than him. She knew what his future was going to behold. We often think of God as the author of the human story much like the narrator. The author also shows Jesus lived. The narrator is in the same world as her creation which signifies Jesus. The film somewhat mirrors the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible. The narrator like the Lord is in charge of fate. Harold was supposed to die a tragic death. Both Jesus and Harold knew they were going to die. Yet, they both reacted differently. Harold decided to live his life however he wanted while Jesus kept sacrificing himself for others. The connection to God and Jesus is interesting in the film. It shows religion in a way I never thought of. Many people want something to connect religion with real life and I believe this film does a great job doing so.


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