Parlux golden hair dryer Gabriela young

Parlux hair dryer

The Parlux 385 Powerlight Ceramic & Ionic Dryer in Gold is tested to be the best hair dryer, according to various beauty and fashion magazines


Features the hair dryer has

When blow drying your hair, do you get annoyed of the loud sound it makes? With the new parlux hairdryer, it has a built in feature called silencer, meaning it makes the noise quieter.

The hair dryer is also very light weight, perfect for travel and everyday use. (Weighing 0.52 kg)

Another amazing feature the hairdryer has, is that it is ceramic and has exclusive technology. The ceramic finishing maintains the hair, and leaves it looking silky, smooth and shiny.

The smart hair dryer, also comes with two nozzle heads, perfect for different styling options. It also has heat settings and speed settings as well.

Lastly, the hair dryer is attached to a 3 meter cable, so you do not have to worry about leaning forward to see your hair while you dry your hair


The exclusive hair dryer, also comes in different colours. Including- Silver, Black, White, blue and more.

The hair dryer can be purchased at many stores, including Myer, David Jones, the Parlux online store, and other retail shops.

Factors affecting my purchase

I have decided to purchase this specific hair dryer, because of it's amazing features and ratings. It was the best beauty buy for three years in a row in (2014, 2015 and 2016) Not only does it's popular demand engage me, but I particularly find the features of the dryer outstanding.

Lastly, the hair dryer can be bought in stores near me, making it very convenient to get. I would personally buy this item from David Jones, as it for sale, saving me some money.


An awesome advantage to this hair blow dryer, is that it is environmentally friendly. The Parlux hair dryer has a low environmental impact, whilst retaining a high quality performance to the hair. This is because the hair dryer is made from recycled materials. This is excellent, because it is saving the environment and reusing materials would be cheaper, than using brand new sources.

Payment meathods

The Parlux Hair dryer can be bought with a various range of payment options. However, it really depends on weather you decide to pay online or in store. Here are two ways you could pay for your hair dryer.



The great thing about thing about paying for the item by cash, is that you do not need to worry about paying an interest fee. Cash is also very handy as it is accepted in every store. Most stores only accept cash.


While cash is easy to use, and always accepted, there are some disadvantages. The hair dryer is nearly $200, meaning you would have to carry that much money with you, if you lose the money, it most likely be hard to find and you will not be able to re trace it or decline the cash like you can do with card. Lastly, if you wish to pay online, cash is not a valid option.

Payment method

Credit card


A great advantage about credit card is that you can use it online and in store. Most cards also link up to points or a re ward system, such as Qanatas airlines, and the stores re ward system. Cards are also safe, as you can decline the card if you lose it. If the store selling an item is too far away, you can buy it online with credit card.


A credit Card may be safe and handy when buying online. However, credit cards have a very high interest rate. Many people look at things they like, and keep on buying and buying lots of items, that they can not always afford. Making it very hard to re pay the bank and you could also go into debit.

My pay choice

I have chosen to purchase this hair dryer using cash. Cash is very easy to use, always accepted and I do not have to worry about paying an interest fee. Some credit cards make you pay lots of excess fee, which can sometimes be very hard to pay off. With cash, I do not have to worry about this and can simply pay for the hair dryer and not pay even more money later on.

Flow chart

The flow chart down below, explains what to do if your Parlux hair dryer is not working.


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