Marriage is a good thing Kendall ford

Marriage increases sexual fidelity.

Cohabitating men and women are more likely to cheat than married men and women. With men at four more times and women at eight, cohabitating couples are not under any permanent promise to each other. In a marriage, 80% of couples are more likely to last for five years than a cohabitating couple. "With this ring" is a physical and mental sign of devotion to your partner. Marriage is permanent and should be treated with such respect. If sanctified, marriage will bring each spouse together in love and faithfulness.

It is good for your health.

From the office for National Statistics, it has been determined that married couples live longer and are happier and healthier. In this world, the stigma in divorce and single-parenting should be put to an end. People who fall in love and are attracted to their spouse are usually happier and more involved in their everyday lives. They gain responsibility not only for themselves, but for their spouse.

Your kids will love you more.

Over time, divorce weakens the bond between parents and children. They are forced to form separate relationships in separate households. While in a marriage, children are allowed to receive discipline and love from both of their parents at the same time and not just every other weekend. Adult children view their parents in a more positive light if they stay together.

It is safer.

Marriage lowers the risk that both men and women will become victims of violence. According to the Crime Victimization Survey, single and divorced women are four times more likely to become victimized than married. Therefore, with the protection and bond through each other, you all are seen as more of a threat. Criminals are more intimidated by a couple than a single.

You will earn more money.

Men today tend to think of marriage as a financial burden. But a broad study of scientific literature suggests that marriage is an important, productive institution. In getting a wife, a male's salary and education will increase. With these statistics, women and men benefit and feed off of each other. They push each other to become better and help lead each other in the right direction. They also act as a guide and aid when in a financial struggle.


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