Population Problem By: Michael Saucedo

This Graph shows how rapidly our population has grown this is due to medical care being able to cure illness and disease that would have killed us in our earlier years,underdeveloped countries also cause high birth rates because they don't have birth control and they need more kids to help with there work so they can survive.
Less resources is very common in under developed countries, since there is such a high population there are less resources like water,food,clothing,and housing. We need to send food and water which starts at us not wasting so many food and spending money on helping the state to recover.
Underdeveloped countries has less housing and these countries don't get the benefit of sanitation so most of there water supply is cluttered with trash. We have to help them establish good housing and more medical care.
Developed countries also get problems from having a high population it causes pollution that affect the weather causing climate change that affects crops and we exhaust our resources to accommodate the growing population and there demands that in turns affect forest and nature. We can use solar power and we have so many alternate solution but we don't use them because they are less convenient which is kind of sad.
Despite Underdeveloped countries having a high population developed countries produce way more due to our lust for the convinces we enjoy today
In developed countries when there are more people there are less jobs that causes inflation and it will keep on getting worse unless we allow are kids do do hands on work at a young age so they develop thinking skills they will use for the rest of there lives but not going into the work force just change the schooling system bit
Many undeveloped countries have high birth rate due to lack of education on the subject,birth control not available,and they need kids to help them work this causes many kids to go into the workforce at young ages and also affects the population as a hole having to many children and not enough adults to support them
Most children in developing countries don't have the luxury of a proper education a majority have to work with there parents or in there area they just don't have one.
Developed countries main problem is crime and drug abuse,as you can see from this graph most developed countries have people abusing drugs and when you having people doing drugs crime goes up from them being the deal to the user that will steal just to get more drugs
Developed countries also have a problem supply and demand,developed countries want way to many luxuries that strain the economy and natural resources. Its a simple solution don't get stuff you don't need or think you wont use.
Developed countries waste so much food more than 70% of food at grocery store a thrown away and most people buy to much and just through it away because they've gone bad. a solution is to buy what we need buy half of how much you think you need same goes for grocery stores.
Most developed countries have crowded living spaces that have 12 people in a one room house it also spreads sickness and diseases faster. They solve this buy making houses in new places and make it affordable for the people that need it.

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