Seventy days voyage to Mount Andronix By Adhvik Sujai

Chapter 1: Journey to InnoveLand

Once upon a time in 1902, there lived an old man called Urphin in a place called Mogland. His son, Haglet was married, and lived with his wife in another house. One day a bomb exploded in a faraway place called InnoveLand. Haglet wanted to help the people of InnoveLand, because he was a very helpful person and he liked adventures. He did not tell this to his father, about his plan to travel to InnoveLand in a ship. He packed and went in a ship, with his friends and made sure that he would help the good people and fight the bad people.

That day his father was coming to his house, but Haglet was not there at home. Urphin went to his house and Haglet’s wife Sinal opened the door. She was shocked because Haglet was not there at home. Sinal did not know what to tell and when Urphin asked for Haglet she told that “I actually don’t know. I’m too searching”. “This is the first time I told a lie” – she thought to herself. Urphin went searching for him for one week and then he thought it was enough – “I cannot find him”, he thought.

After this Urphin went to an astrologer who lived in an old house of 1864. It was like a palace and that too Urphin was waiting to see his son. The astrologer’s name was James Silot. He was old and was living alone in that house. Urphin entered that old house, the astrologer has a glass and a very small cup of a black powder. James gave the glass and black powder to Urphin. James told him to spread the black powder over the glass. After Urphin spread it all over the glass, he gave it to James. He then told Urphin to close his eyes and James kept a rose in his hand. After five minutes he told Urphin to open his eyes. “can see where your son is?”

When he opened his eyes, he was shocked. “I’m able to see my son!!”. He saw his son was going on a ship to InnoveLand, to help the people. Urphin felt very proud. Then he went to his home with the glass. After one hour the ship stopped sailing. Urphin thought “I will go and help them, the InnoveLand people!!”. Urphin also packed his bags and he went to the town and then went to the place where the ships were kept. He took the bigger one because many people are there and he told this to his family that “I am going to save my son and his friends!!”

“I am ready to go!!...” said Urphin and was happy that he and his son are going to be famous.

Chapter 2: Urphin Meets Haglet and journey together

Urphin sailed and sailed and still he had not reached few kilometers. It was lunch time and he was hungry. "Did anyone bring some food?" said Urphin. "No.." said the others.

So Urphin said let us stop somewhere and do fishing, but they did not have fishing rods. So they thought that we will stop in an island and make fishing rods and then do fishing there. And after 100 kilometers they all felt very hungry and after another half kilometer they found an island. They also wanted to rest because it was too dark. They reached the island and they slept in the grass. They were sleeping in hunger, but that's OK because they had time only to sleep for two hours. Then in the morning they woke up and they made their fishing rods. The time was getting wasted. We need to do it fast as much as we can!!

Then they did it fast and at 9 am they ate their fishes and they went sailing again across the sea. Urphin was waiting to see his son and he sailed and sailed till he was too tired. He could not do anything and he was bored without doing anything. Thank goodness they had food.They had 900 km to reach Innoveland. And suddenly they saw a boat and Urphin told "why is a boat here?".

"Is there something inside!!" said Urphin. Urphin went inside and he saw a paper. It was a news paper. It was written that Innoveland is all fine and there is no need to worry. And he saw another paper and it was a very old one. And when he took a closer look it was a map. It was a map where he can find gold!!! We are going to be famous soon. And he thought that "I'm going to find Haglet and then find the gold!". He was so happy and that day was his lucky day. And then he started sailing. It was one pm. They all ate food and sailed. They had to go faster for two days. Haglet was stuck in the middle of the sea. They were praying and suddenly Haglet saw a ship was that was Urphin's ship. It was too far that Urphin could not see Haglet's ship. The after 10 km Urphin could see Haglet. "Sail fast!!" said Urphin and the others were happy. Its like the first time I'm seeing my son. He was waiting to show the map but "where is the map" thought Urphin. Its lost now. This is bad he thought. "5 km to reach my son and I'm so so happy". Urphin was waving his hands to Haglet and they reached his ship. "Hi Haglet, are you tired?"

"Yes dad, how did you know that I'm here"

"I went to an astrologer" and he told me that you are here. So I came for you. He said that he had a map and that was lost. Haglet said "even I have a map which can take us to the treasure". That was the same map that I had seen said Urphin, but where did you get that map from? "I got it from a bottle that was sailing in the water, so I took it and saw". "Can we find it?" said Haglet. "Yes, why not. Come lets go and find the treasure". Haglet come in my ship and the other too. Everyone went inside his slept and ate and slept. The next day there was icebergs in the sea. They were scared that they would crash, but they did not crash. It was a long way of ice. The map told that they had to pass a country that was very far. It was 60 kilometers. They did fishing for lunch and sailed and sailed. It was nice seeing the sea and fun talking with Haglet. "Only 20 kilometers, we will reach fast" said Haglet. I'm waiting to be famous in front of everyone.

They reached that country and saw a volcano. There were no people there because it was a forest. It was so green. The map told that there was an island somewhere near. "Will we find treasure there?" said Haglet. "I don't think so" said Urphin. Its written that there will be a sea monster. "Be careful everybody!".

"What is this! An island should be near the country and we are way past the country". There was so much fog and it became dark. They ate and slept and the next day morning they saw a thing like a shell but it was too big. "I think it is an island". They stepped on that. "I think we should dig here to find the treasure!!"

They started digging, but "why is the sand so hard" said Urphin. After two minutes that island started shaking and when they saw in front it was a turtle. "Who can this be, a turtle? I have not seen such a big turtle in my life!". They went into the ships and started sailing again and they saw something far away. It was another island and they thought that it was their island that they were searching for. And they were correct! They were very near, but before that in the map they saw a sea monster. "Be careful everyone. We should kill the sea monster and reach the island fast". Only 20 km to reach the monster. "Ready with your swords" said Urphin to the others. This ship is so old, "but it is so fast". I think we will reach fast. Where is the sea monster.

"Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!" I am the sea monster.

"Can the sea monster talk" asked Haglet.

"Ya it can"

How can the monster talk?

The sea monster said that "I'm a magical monster and I can do whatever you want. I can help you".

"We don't need anything, we are going!!" said Urphin.

Chapter 3: Treasure Hunt

They were Very close to the ISland, but was CLUELESS about the treasure. So they thought of taking help from the sea monster.They asked the monster, "how they can get to the treasure!". The monster gave them some clues.

They had to give the monster the most precious thing they had in order to get more details. Haglet said that he will offer one third of the treasure that they find. The monster agreed, but said that it will follow him until they get the treasure.The monster asked them to pass though a narrow passage though the rocks. When they did, they were in for a surprise. There was a large Rock temple that was hidden behind. They went into the temple but it was locked. They had to fight a Giant snake that was guarding the KEY. The Sea Monster gave them a sword for fighting the snake. It was a ling battle that went on for hours. Both Haglet and Urphin FOUGHT tirelessly and were able to get the keys.

They opened the temple and found large quantity of gold and precious gems.All the voyagers were happy to find the riches. They offered the sea monster to take whatever it needed. And then each of the VOYAGERS took the riches and sailed backed home.

The conclusion

Sinal welcomed Haglet and Urphin and was happy to see that they were all rich and famous. The town welcomed the voyagers and hailed the courage that they had shown. Haglet and Urphin were very proud and became the famous people in the town.

Then one day when Haglet and Urphin were taking a walk near the ocean. Far away they could see something coming. They kept watching and to they surprise it was someone that they knew.


Created By
Adhvik Sujai


Created with images by Hans - "boot sailing boat zweimaster" • Alexas_Fotos - "starry sky zodiac sign clock" • mariannebp - "sky sea life" • joshtabti - "sea monster edit" • Free Grunge Textures - www.freestock.ca - "New Brunswick Grunge Flag"

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