San Francisco John spinhirne


The central area of the city is on a series of hills that reach an altitude of 935 feet. Lomlard street is the most windy street in the world. San Francisco is know for its beautiful setting. In this location a home could cost 930,000 dollars. In 2008 the homes cost 890,000 dollars. San Francisco bay borders many cities. The bay is about 12 miles wide and 50 miles long. The Golden Gate Bridge goes NS, parallel with the coast.

vineyard of grapes.


White pyramid shaped office building.

There is a California palace of legion of honor, which contains a fine arts collection. There is a white office building shape as a pyramid with an observation deck on the 27th floor. The civic center includes a city hall and an opera house.In downtown there is a ship museum with historic ship in side it. The downtown district also has cable cars, the cars were put but into operation after they were repaired.


Earthquake Damage.

The land know as San Francisco was dated all the way back to 300 b.c. Upon independence from 1821 the area became a part of mexico. John D. Sloat claimed California for the U.S.A on July 7 1846, during the Mexican American war. 2 days after John D. claimed California John B. Montgomery arrived to claim Buena 2 days later. Then Buena was changed to San Francisco the next year on January 30. At 5;12 am on April 18, 1906 a major Earthquake struck the northern parts of California. After the quake fire broke out and water mains broke so the they had to make fire brakes using dynamite in blocks of the buildings. the downtown was in ruins afterward. It killed 498 people. 400,000 people were left homeless.

Cable Cars

The cars were repaired and serviced in 1980. Then were put back into commission. Now you can enjoy a ride on a cable car!

Cable cars are a fun way to get around San Francisco!


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